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Wine with PTool v3.64d (Feb 20, 2012)
  • Seeing as how some people are having a hard time getting PTool to play nice with Wine, I made a standalone version for OS X with Wine Bottler.

    Download, unzip, and launch. The app will copy all the necessary files to ~/Library/Application Support/Wine/. All you need to do is put Panasonic’s original firmware file (.bin) and settings files (.ini) in ~/Library/Application Support/Wine/prefixes/PTool Mac v3.64d/drive_c/winebottler and you’re good to go.

    Download link: Removed as it is outdated.


    PTool Mac v3.64d.png
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  • Nice one MR_Moore. Thanks

  • thank you

  • I don't know why people are having issues... I even installed wine on 10.7.3 no issues...

  • Too bad, I just thought this was a native release :/ Still great for people who aren't running any virtual machine or find it too complicated.

  • Really having a drag time here. Running 10.6.8. Went the install Wine route and continuous fails. Found this, which I hoped would be slick, but same fail as with the Wine route: When I 2x-click on the PTools app - either the one created as this stand alone or the one I've created thru Wine - an Action dialogue box pops up with a building blue bar, PTools alights momentarily in the applications bar but the program never launches.

    I do have the .ini and .bin files in the location noted above... Any ideas?

  • Do you have X11 installed? Navigate to Applications/Utilities/ and see if there’s an item named X11 there. If there is, launch Console (in the same folder) and see if it provides any interesting information when you try to launch PTool.

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