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Sony Balanced Optical SteadyShot
  • Sony new model HDR-CX760V has amazing stabilization system. As it can be seen on some YT videos this system works very good! New Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology that provides up to thirteen times better stability than the regular Optical SteadyShot, according to Sony. Starting price $1.499.

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  • Yep, good feature

  • This works amazingly good and I'm really interested to see how it will work on my oktokopters and I hope video quality would be good enough.

  • Sony CX720

    vs Panasonic X900M

    Not as impressive in real world test. It certainly does the job but not dramatically better than conventional stabilizers. At least for walking shots. Panasonic compensates better against tilting nods and rotation in this test.

  • @zigizigi You've posted 2 identical videos.

    Camera we are talking about is CX760V, not the CX720. Check samples we have posted above and especially one that Vitally has posted with two cameras on the shaking platform and also check this video from the car. For me it looks VERY stable.

  • I ended up buying the model with the projector the PJ710. When it arrived, I realized that you cannot have complete manual control. You can lock 2 of the 3, shutter, aperture, iso. Very frustrating! And sneaky of SONY!

    Can anyone confirm if the PJ760 and CX760 have the same behaviour ?

    I suspect that one has to buy the NX30 to get all manual..

  • @zcream

    Can you, please, exaplain that you want to do. And why you can't set all three?

    Check manuals -

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I have the camera..And it was debated at dvinfo (I found this out only today). None of the NXCAM models allow us to set iso, aperture and shutter at the same time.
    In this case, if you are shooting outdoors, and there is a change in light the camera will change values to keep exposure constant.. Very frustrating!

  • @zceam

    Thing is that Panasonic comsumer models also have gain and aperture combined into one :-) But it does not mean that exposure will change if shutter is also set.

    I also do not see any iso setting in Sony manual, only exposure or auto exposure shift.

    I'll check more into this.

  • I hope I am wrong. But I have the camera and tested it last week :-( Sony screwed us on this one..

  • @zcream

    Thing is that you need to understand that you want.

    If you need to fix exposure, you must set exposure to manual and set it.

  • You can choose to manually control the exposure, shutter and iris, but then the others become automatic, only one can be controlled manually at once

    This is same for mine TD10.

  • I bought this to film aerial video. Now its no use, it will change exposure values with any change in light...

  • @zcream

    It must not do it, as I said, select exposure, set it to manual and it'll work.

  • Just got the CX730 and you CAN set exposure manually with the front wheel. Combined that with zebras at 70 or 100 IRE and you're smiling! You can also create 3 virtual buttons on the touch screen to quickly access stuff as white balance, touch focus and OIS on/off. More than enough for me.