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Render time, response time...some findings (Cineform, Avid, mts)
  • Hey,

    today I´ve tried some different codecs after I downloaded hdcinematics' DSLR Post Prep Utility and here are my findings among Cineform HD (which I normaly convert to), Avid DNxHD and just mts. I usually transcode to CF, because Premiere Pro has a hard time to decode avchd on the fly, when it´s getting serious (multiple streams...).

    In Premiere Pro the response time to dragging the time indicator along the timeline was worlds better in both CFHD and DNxHD. Between the latter two I couldn´t really make out great differences here.

    So I went into After Effects to check the same thing there. Here I got no mentionable timely difference in response time to my wild dragging of the current time indicator. Even the mts performed equally, compared to CFHD and Avid.

    BUT: The adpative resolution came down to 1/4 on both CFHD and mts. On DNxHD it stayed on full and then eventually came down to 1/2 while maintaining a great response time. I didn´t expect that.

    Tomorrow I will redo my rendering tests, my preliminary results just don´t make sense right now.

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  • Very interested in this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Render times, unexpected results, first the specs of my workstation:

    CPU: Intel i7 950 @3,6 GHz RAM: 24GB GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX470 1280MB Windows 64 Bit Adobe CS 5.5

    I timed the duration to render a RAM preview of the same 10s clip over and over again, out of the same comp with one of three layers visible for three codecs versions (DNxHD, mts, CFHD). Each time I purged all of After Effect´s temp data.

    1. Multi-processing ON: DNxHD: 21 seconds MTS: 15 seconds CFHD: 19 seconds

    2. Multi-processing OFF: DNxHD: 9 seconds MTS: 4 seconds CFHD: 6 seconds

    Crazy, isn´t it?

    I will now conduct the same run but instead of RAM previews I´ll use the render cue.

    So far, I am still liking Cineform over the other ones. Its response in both Premiere Pro and AE is great and it´s -not the fastest but- fast enough for previewing without hickups.

  • @JackBayer Very interesting, do you have noticed differences in rendering time with more or less compressed .mts? Also hacked vs unhacked footage?