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The origin of banding?
  • Says everyone: (Banding = Structure of sensor + defective product) Well, why clean photos? I suspect that the GH1 orginal software! What do you think this suspect?

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  • 12bit vs 8bit.

  • How many video bits in gh2 ? 12?

  • GH2 and nearly all prosumer cameras are 8 bit. Which equates to 256 luminance values vs 1024 in 10 bit. So if you imagine a smooth gradient with almost infinite subtle shades and you have to reproduce it using 256 values vs 1024... you have to make the cutoff somewhere. It's like trying to make a circle with straight lines, the more you have, the smoother the circle will be and have less 'stair-steps'. It's not the sensor. It's the processors and software used to encode it.

  • Guys, first, we already have topic about banding.

    Second, it is impossible to understand that you are talking about and all this things about 12bit in JPEG photos.

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