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  • Want to start topic about rods.
    15mm rods are base for every gear.
    It could be very simple camera support or complicated shoulder support with cage and top handle.
    In any case, you need rods.


    **Best option:** Varavon carbon rods, available usually on mondays deals.

    500 x 281 - 99K
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  • Another option is to assemble longer rods by attaching smaller rods.
  • I need another set of rods, anyone recommend an affordable baseplate to go with these?
    Also, is it possible to thread carbon fiber? I have tap and dye.
  • >I need another set of rods, anyone recommend an affordable baseplate to go with these?

    You can look for camera base from same seller as last rods.
    Or ask Lanparte.

    >Also, is it possible to thread carbon fiber? I have tap and dye.

    Nope, they are made from thin layers.
  • I bought some from dslr.carbon. They are good quality. Had some issues with shipping, the box was broken and one of the 18" rod fell out. Seller basically said that was not possible, but would like for me to send the entire package back. I just wanted to buy one replacement rod. My cost. But after 3 more emails, they stopped communicating. Good rod, but would not recommend dslr.carbon.
  • Has anyone already experience with the mediahalo rods or the glossy rods from orheus c?
  • >mediahalo rods or the glossy rods from orheus c

    Orheus_c is new ones, so I doubt anyone has expirience with them.
    Looking at specs they are good.
    medialhalo is known to supply very good rods.
  • Fotga alu rods for qute good price (< $24 shipped!)


    650 x 542 - 29K
  • @Vitaliy Just curious: what is your preferred general purpose rig system for GH2 narrative film work? Maybe this isn't the best thread to post this question, but I was just wondering. Cheers!
  • I would like to order the Mediahalo set, but unfortunaltely it out of stock for weeks now...
    Is there a comparable alternative?
  • I see also that some new dolly slider products are using rods as their base - as opposed to the Igus rail systems etc.

    It's a great way to utilise your own existing rods but for me I'd need at least 1m length... and you don't find many rods that long. Anyone know where you can get longer rods that can attach to each other? Or perhaps can just use lots of short rods... Either way it's a more convenient way to transport/pack a slider?
  • Yes, it is hard to find such long rods despite that shorter rods are made by cutting long ones :-)
    I am also interested in 1-1.3m carbon rods.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    If like me, you're looking for long rods for slider purposes, I'd say a well-stocked hardware store should have something similar (and much cheaper)? No need to buy them fancy "glossy" rods :)
  • I have steel rods.
    I am looking for light carbon ones.
  • Here is a manufacturer for carbon rods in Germany.
    One meter approx 30 €

    Will these rods with 14mm inner diameter be strong enough or do I need 13/15 mm rods?
  • I just saw that they also have one with 1.5 mm wall thickness even cheaper, for 22 €/meter.

  • @spreegurke

    Order and try both.
    You could tell how they work.
  • Carbon fibre really isn't best suited for clamping. You have to be very careful with overtightening; too much and it will crack without warning. At least steel/aluminum will just deform.
  • I wrote them and asked about the both products.
    None of both will work, but they do have rods particulary for rig purposes, but they are not as cheap as the others. A 400mm rod wil cost 21€.
  • @spreegurke

    I suggest to try 1.5mm wall version anyway.
    This guys can be quite smart :-).
  • Thanks @spreegurke thats a good link.

    They even sell carbon sheets...maybe I will switch from aluminium to carbon - does anybody know how to cut carbon? Can I mill it like aluminium or is there another technologie required to cut it? (This question also applies to rods.)
  • @Psyco

    Normally you can cut it without problems.
    Just use good saw.
  • So did anyone try rods from I'm planning to replace my rig's aluminum rods to carbon ones to make it more light.

    Mediahalo had also quite good deal but most of the rods are out of stock.

  • And dear lord when u get them take some end stoppers off of me - ordered 8 got 250 lol

  • I got the Varavon CF Rods about a week ago.
    My only criticism, and it's a biggie (not) .. if I make the 'V' logo look aesthetically pleasing (vertical and parallel) at the front of the rig .. they're not aesthetically the same at the back.

    That's a joke, btw. Incredible value again from Varavon.

    @vicharris, check out the Varavon hihat/riser. It allows you to use ball head to level, and it's great bolted to a piece of wood.