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5DtoRGB available for windows, with GH2 fix

    Finally available for windows, outputs to AVID DNxHD also. They fixed an issue when transcoding GH2 in the newest version.
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  • Cool. Thanks!
  • So what EXACTLY does this do? I just barely read a few things on it.

    I just downloaded it and this is a conversion too to both transcode your footage to a easier to edit format AND make the picture "flatter" and easier to grade? But it's based on the 5d so....anybody know how it would work on GH1 files?

    EDIT: I converted a couple of files and I just opened Vegas and the avid files didn't work. Is there a codec I can download that works or can't use those at all?
  • Go to Avid website and download their free codec pack, DNxHD is included.
  • Hello, were can donwload the new version who support 4.4.4 YUV color