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Cineroid EVF4C viewfinder for $549
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    3.2" screen with 800x480 resolution, with zebra, focus peaking, false color.

    640 x 592 - 66K
    632 x 703 - 65K
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  • Looks really nice, but a bit too expensive for my budget.

  • Any cheaper alternative? Redrock and Zacutto is also expensive. :(

  • Audio output is a very nice option. Plus I heard Cineroid's colored focus peaking works better than Zakuto's,

  • @flyguy Cineroid's are the cheapest EVFs on the market I believe - that also includes a loupe.

    @GOODEMPIRE Zacuto's peaking is a different method than Cineroid's. It doesn't use white/red lines. Although i do prefer that method because I'm used to seeing it on my previous broadcast camcorders.

    I used to have the original Cineroid EVF but did not like it one bit. Crappy build, weak mini HDMI ports (this one looks to be regular HDMI), heats up to easily and melted a part of the LCD screen. If they solved all that for this version then it's a very good price point.

  • It heats up and melts due to the huge loupe, nothing else. Just need to remember you've got to let the cap open when not using it, or looking downwards (if shooting outdoor of course). I pretty much prefer it to Zacuto's, and the Metal version just "pulls it off" (at 800 bucks though).

  • I just bought the HD-SDI version for my Scarlet rig. Will be here this evening. I had the Zacuto but just returned it (no fault of Zacuto, the Scarlet doesn't like HDMI out and genlock at the same time).

    The Zacuto is fresh enough in memory that I should be able to post a good comparison.

  • The SmallHD DP4 has also been lowered in price, not quite as low at $599. Worth comparing

  • Sorry for the dumb question, but does the eyepiece flip up so you can use both eyes? and how does it mount to GH2?

  • @brianluce yep the eyepiece flips up, as I said it must be flipped up if not using under sunlight so that you don't melt it (problem ed_lee83 had). To mount it on the GH2 you might do it through the hotshoe.

  • My Cineroid EVF-4C won't show picture from BMCC Pocket. :(

  • You need to get the firmware updated for the old ones to work with 1080 24p

  • At Cineroid site I found only one driver update to one newer model. I'd be very happy If you can help me find right firmware.

  • You have to send it in or take it to a local place that will update it for you. Where are you located?

  • I've download Cineroid EFW V1.1.1 utility (EVF-4C compatible) but can't find *.bin file for update. @vicharris I'm located in Israel and bought Cineroid from local reseller, more than year, so' it without warranty now. I'll ask the reseller.

  • You'll probably have to send it in to Cineroid then. Luckily we have an authorized place in LA where we can take it.

  • @vicharris After more than 2 weeks of waiting, I got official answer from local distributer of Cineroid. They got official answer from Cineroid's marketing manager that they have no updates for firmware for EVF4C. I very hope he is wrong. So if you have any mail from Cineroid at Los Angeles about firmware with 1080 Progressive support please let me know. I'd like to send them proving of existing such firmware. Thanks

  • @act Hmmmm, odd. Not sure if they're open this week but I'll get ahold of the guy over here and ask him.