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Icarus Patch - Just For HBR (current: 0.0.6 60mbps 25p stable, GOP6)
  • LATEST: Icarus Alpha Test 0.0.6

    • Updated to GOP6 from GOP5, to fix stuttering.
    • up to 60mbps
    • 2x trick mode in some scenes (Death chart)
    • QP16
    • Borrowed I, P, B frame scaling from Flowmotion
    • Improved Stability, so far have not been able to crash this in any test

    Icarus 0.0.6 (indoor scene, f/2.8, 24mm, ISO3200, custom WB) (first couple seconds had rough motion, second half of bitrate distribution is what you normally see fairly static, where as movement scales up the B frames), typical B frames larger than Flowmotion's I frames. image

    Flowmotion 1.11 (same as above), much lower bitrate (imho it just cannot deliver with HBR modes), also crashes death charts with speed errors. image

    See what you think.

    This is currently an Alpha Test. It needs more testing, but since I am pursuing the best HBR can offer, I've always found full daylight to be the bane of any attempt at raising HBR bitrate, I shall see how it performs in the morning in that regard.

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  • Hi,

    another user who is not really satisfied with 25p in current popular patches... Great to see some people work on 25p modes for PAL users.

    I've just made a patch for the same purposes (24H and HBR/25p) you might want to check:

    Shooting highly detailes scenes in HBR mode I-frames reach 1MB size. It's GOP9, though.

    Thanks for your new patch - I'll test it soon!

  • @Athiril

    shooting a codec torture chart in HBR mode with the second setting (Q16) I got card speed error (requires battery removal). card: SanDisk cl.10, 30MB/s

  • Yeah it fails on death charts, I was expecting that, someone else messaged me it as well. HBR often fails giving card read errors on even half the bit rate where 24H works brilliantly, it behaves oddly like that at times.

    Do you have a link to an original chart I can try out?

  • these are the charts I am using ... all from this forum. Credit for the colored charts goes to @Stray

    hups.. twice the same bw chart ...

    1920 x 1224 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 5M
    1920 x 1224 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 5M
  • @Athiril @Towi Thanks for your efforts on 25p HBR mode. Hope there could be found good settings too (can't at the moment test I'm away from home)

  • I'll give it a go after work tonight, I get the feeling even if someone uses it on the Sandisk SDXC 64gb it'll still crash.

  • Updated patch with one that has stable death chart settings.

  • @Athiril

    Tested Icarus Alpha 0.0.4. Footage shows weird artefacts. Motion is stuttering (image jumps back and forth ... I've seen the same when I once tested GOP5).

    What are these "Timer Limit" settings for?

  • Timer Limits are for controlling the initial cpb_delay. You need to read up on some stuff before touching all that, but simply put, you can increase or decrease the time of arrival and departure of frames from the buffer.

  • I get the stuttering in Media Player Classic, I dismissed it since they rarely play these clips properly, but I'll examine it visually frame by frame.

  • @dritwood

    thanks! no, I won't touch these settings... just wondering why Athiril has changed them...

  • In regards to stuttering motion, it stutters in Premiere but plays back in camera fine. Which is irritating, as you don't want to have to be forced to transcode from something that will decode it properly. Will have to adopt a different GOP in this case.

    Regards to timer limits, I do not have an easy answer for you, as I'm not an expert in that area and can't explain it to someone easily, or well. Suffice to say I adopted someone else's values in that area as they seemed to help.

  • Updated Icarus, stable now, as far as I can tell (I have not been able to get it to crash or freeze). Haven't tested spanning. Do not have a NTSC GH2 to test 30p with.

  • @Athiril You don't need one as you can switch video out from PAL to NTSC.

  • @sohus, strangely enough I thought that didn't actually affect HBR mode..

  • 0.0.6 crashes on my cam

  • @towi: What's the error, 25p? 30p? What were you filming? Card? And how long into filming did it crash?

  • HBR, 25p. Scene: highly detailed bush with panning. SanDisk cl.10, 30MB/s. Crashes immediately.

  • Cheers, working on an update.