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Newbie really needs help!
  • Now this is scary. I´m trying to follow this tut... "An EZ Guide to Hacking the Panasonic GH2" But not so "ez" for me! Just want to download a good simple patch But i see only a forum,not really a clean&simple download-list?! Forgive me, i´m pretty dumb!

    So what i´m looking for is a "simple patch, high (not highest) for 24... Have downloaded pt tool & winebottle - and yes, i have read the faq...

    maby this one? not shure! Aquamotion v1

    i am on a mac. Please help me out?

    (By the way, i got this card; "sandisk extreme pro sdhc uhs-1 card 95mb/s 633x" 16GB Is that a good one?

    Kind regards,T

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  • First check out this video/thread:

    Then go here to get it working under mac:

    Basically you just run wine/wine bottler and then follow the video.

    The "no adverse affects" patch used in the video is awesome. It provides great quality and even works on my class 2 card! Once you get that working and you're happy, step into the patch vault topic and try stuff from there. You might want to read the FAQ at the top of this site too (in the green bar). It provides info on what memory cards are good etc and general useful stuff to know.

  • Thanks Sumo , really! but where can i find the download for "no adverse effects? And pt tools??

    Another thing, this winebottle stuff just hangs, maby not compatible with mac osx 10.7.3...

    watching the films now!

  • Heck, i think i made it! But, isn´t birate 42000000 a little over the top?! comments please? It´s installing on gh2 right now..


  • Aha. Guess i want about 80 mb. But thanks for input! which hack should an amateur choose, and i can just overwrite the existing hack,yes?

    Thanks, T

  • Thanks Sumo! I've been reading the last 24 hours trying not to ask that question! Gonna donate, download and take the plunge in a little.

  • For roughly 80Mbits, maybe try some stuff in the patch vault thread. I'm actually only a little less of a noob than you so I'm probably not the best person to ask regarding optimal settings etc :p

    As for overwriting the settings, yes, you just download the .ini file of whatever setting you want to use, stick it in the folder where ptool is and then run ptool. Assuming there are no conflicts on which setting letter the original settings creators chose, you should be able to just click the letter corresponding to the setting you want to load and save the FW. I'm not sure how or if merging of settings is allowed though. E.g. settings file A modifies 24H settings and settings file B mods 720p60 only. If I click both will it create a mutant super patch with 24H and 720p60 settings?

    Anyway, I intend to only use 24H for high quality stuff and I'll keep a load of small cheap SD cards with other patches on so I can patch in the field. Small SD cards can be had for a couple dollars each so just buy a bunch and be happy :)

    Oh, BTW, if you are using FWv1.1, make sure you get patches that have been updated/made for v1.1. A lot of the stuff in the patch vault is still on v1.0. Fwiw, a few people have been reporting issues with some patches under v1.1 so I'm staying on v1.0 until the dust settles.

  • If I want to run Orion v4 at highest bit rate (which i thought was 154) do i need to enter that in that field? I loaded the orion patch and saved the firmware without altering anything...

  • Thanks a bunch! Yeah, i know there is a faq - and stuff... But i feel it would bee nice with a dedicated "Complete idiot section" ?

    Guess it would give you pro´s more peace...

  • BTW, I got it sorted. I was loading the patch, but not hitting the green button! Working like a charm now!

  • I'm working on one. Its going to take a few more days.

  • Sumo, I saw your Video for beginners, and it is great, but I am still looking for the "no adverse effects files that you mention on the instruction video. If possible could you please send me the "link" so I can download it. Also if you have the latest version of the Ptools. Thank you

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