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Fuji needs a 73mm 1.4 lens
  • Fujifilm fast primes are: 16mm 1.4 = FF24mm / 23mm 1.4 = FF34,5mm / 35mm 1.4 = FF52,5mm / 56mm 1.2 = FF84mm / 90mm 2 = FF135mm

    So 73mm 1.4 = FF109,5mm would be nice. Reasons are: there is a huge gap between the 56mm and the 90mm and the 90mm is f2, a little slower compared to the others.

    So a 73mm 1.4 = FF109,5mm would be nice for face close-up and for situations when camera is distant from the subject or when you want a more tele look, keeping a fast 1.4 aperture.

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  • MR.apefos, please help me.please forgive my the worst english. I'm a chinese film maker,low buget,and I need serveral camera shooting in same I dicide use GH2,I love GH2's color sharp detail....... first ,I shoose flowmotion patch,but in premiere I saw the noise rain,and after transcode to cineform,depend on my eyes,FM's all advantage was gone,image went to bad. I tolltly confused,what reason made that? transecode will break FM's matrix?in cineform or hnxhd,FM's nice trick is no useful? but avid official suggest use intermediate codec in post for editing,for grading,for VFX.

    my film will put on the cinema ,so,I keep looking ....I tried moon T7, not perfect. and then I found your great patch.... setj.ini, for a theather presentation in DCP output using a strong intermediate codec for editing.

    MR.apefos,your great patch just for the cinema ,right? I only afford use PC make movie in rec709 in post,...

    sir,I want know , you research hack patch in DCI-p3 Projector or in a theather? you tested your great patch setj.ini in the real theather ,gamma 2.6 ,on the big screen?

    can I use your patch source H.264 setj video directly in whole post,video quality will be better than transcode? I will not apply too much VFX in my movie ,just grading,skin tone, I can save the transcode time and harddisk space?

    I going to buy adobe create suit cc 2018 and a high speed computer. if cpu and graphics cards ,and memory is quickly enough,editing H.264 video directly is more efficiency?

    thank you!!!

  • You can use the patch from the topic "Gh2 bundle by apefos..." to edit without transcode and without using intermediate codec. I did tests with computer monitor 28 inch and smarttv 50 inch and the editing results look great. When you render export using 100mbps or 120mbps keyframe every 3 frames or every 6 frames. I believe the results will be great in cinema theater projector. Remember to set the software to full resolution when editing to avoid diagonal rain.

  • thank,MR.apefos, you are a life saver!