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The social problems of cinema and music
  • the myth of the equipment still occupies the mind of those who dream of making cinema and music. the popularization of low-cost equipment leaves the illusion that everyone who has an idea can produce.

    But then the first problem comes up, the money to pay the artists, the stage objects, the clothes, the rent of the places, the transport, the food, the technicians, to find places to work without disturbing people.

    And many do not realize that there is a second, even worse problem, the strength of society. An actor with great success in soap operas went to do an autograph session and when talking with a fan got punched in the nose by an unknown man and had to have plastic surgery, it was later discovered that the man was the woman's boyfriend. A group of internet artists made a video with homosexual jesus and maria smoking marijuana, and hooded men threw a molotov cocktail bomb at their office building. A horror film about a girl possessed by the devil left disgruntled religious and she was persecuted throughout her life by these religious fanatics. an actor played a character of a seductive boy who managed to convince girls to have sex with him, had to change countries due to the danger of being attacked. a famous musician loved by multitudes died in the street murdered. black women actresses suffered racist attacks on social networks from people calling them monkeys. a normal girl decided to try to sing on the internet and neighbors made a noise to not let her sleep and she had to move from neighborhood. hese are just some of the cases of social rejection suffered by artists.

    envy, jealousy, intolerance, conservatism, selfishness are born in the heart, in the mind, in the soul, in the body chemistry of ordinary people when they perceive the success, the seduction, the different values ​​of the artists. who wants to live close to a beautiful talented person near by taking the risk of being cheated by the husband/wife or having the young son/daughter seduced? and people confuse fiction with reality, thinking that the artist really is the character he plays. Many actors who play villains in soap operas and movies suffer from swearing and aggression on the street. artists are surrounded by security guards and transport themselves in armored cars and need to live in closed condominiums away from popular neighborhoods. People is much more curious about the personal life of the artist instead of about the work of the artist. And people have fun to disturb/muddle. Most times the police do not help artists because they think artists are lustful and drugged, and have ideas against the morals and good customs.

    share your thoughts and stories about this, and possible solutions...

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  • Of the chaos of today Wyndham Lewis writes the “artist merges with homo ludens, a sort of playboy of the West End world privilege of the wealthy, negligently indulged in—not any longer as an object of serious devotion. The Fine Arts today survive on the same basis (or that will soon be the case) as the Art of the hunter or sportsman. Hunting, the supreme art and business of primitive life, sur- vived in our civilization as the most delightful pastime and a coveted privilege. So the fine arts, corresponding to no present need that a variety of industries cannot answer more effectively, the last survivals of the hand against the machine, but beaten by the machine in every contest involving a practical issue, must, if they survive at all, survive as a sport, as a privilege of the wealthy, negligently indulged in—not any longer as an object of serious devotion. The sport of hunting either large or small game is the symbol of an idle and strictly useless life; and today the fox-hunter and the painter or poet are in the same category. All that is necessary is for the fox-hunter to take to painting pictures and writing verse, and the close association of these two occupations in the public mind will be effected. “ McLuhan adds- “Had the primitive hunter been presented suddenly with machine-guns, with which he could mow down his game in droves, he would not have troubled to practise his lonely and difficult art any more.” P 98 Cliché to Archetype