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A question of locution for the "hacked" GH2
  • Most clients I work with are not familiar with the GH2, so when I put in a bid on a job I'm not sure of the best way to promote the PTool upgraded version. I also have an EX1 and a 5D with which most people are familiar, so when I mention that I have a GH2 I'll say something along the lines of "which has been upgraded to shoot at extremely high bit rates" or "above broadcast quality." What is the best way to phrase this? How do you in a few words sell the GH2 to someone who has never heard of it as an equivalent quality camera to the 5D or EX1?

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  • Add big matte box, big rig with long carbon rods, big lens.
    And introduce it with the words - "And this is my main cinema camera" :-)

    • 1 on the rig. It works.

    I say that my has "the optional firmware update to record at lossless bitrates." Ha! People also seem to be impressed when I tell them I use a gig per minute which is four times more than the 5D and the equivalent of an Alexa.

    Above all, just be confident. I also refer to it as the first dslr built for video, a 3rd generation hdslr, and assorted other mumbo jumbo.

  • Almost forgot.
    You must tell all this with very serios face and with full confidence.

  • Just show them some footage and let the end product speak for itself.

  • I added a EVF, looks little more "Bigger" and is very usefoul!

  • Tell them, "And this is the rig that all the porno guys are using now." Works every time.

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