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GF2 ISO setting issues
  • Guys, first of all thanks to Vitaij for the hack - the donation did help, glad to see this!

    I am new in this forum and have applied the hack for the GF2 with the settings as per attached file: languages = all maximum ISO limit removal = ticked

    However, after saving the file and updating the f/w, a) the languages are still the same b) I have no idea how to change the ISO mode for the video mode as there is no menu entry which I have found. => Can you give me a hint how I can change the ISO mode for video recording, please.

    Thanks, Torsten

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  • Update: Language issues fixed; I did not save the correct f/w file - shame on me.

    But the issue with the ISO still remains; how can I change the ISO setting for the video mode?

  • All must work good as we are aiming to change behaviour in the future to use your settings from photo mode (so if you are in M mode, it'll use ISO, shutter and aperture).

  • @tmo_germany_gf2

    The GF2 is always in auto ISO, aperture and shutter mode when shooting video. The only things you can control manually are white balance, focus. On a manual lens you would also have control of aperture.

    Being able to use manual settings, as Vitaly suggests, will be amazing.

  • You can lock shutter by setting FLICKER RED setting. Use MF lens to lock aperture. The only issue is the ISO locking.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Yes the Flicker reduction setting to lock the shutter works as expected.

    So in essence, the GF2 is always in auto ISO therefore the hack does not help too much for video mode. Looking forward to the future updates from Vitaliy to enable the GF2 to make use of the settings in "M" mode for video as well.

  • GF1 has a menu item for selecting P, A, or S. GF13 added M option. But GF2 doesn't have such menu item at all. Darn Panasonic!!! Hopefully Vitaliy finds a workaround. But GF2 is pretty fuking nice already.

  • @pst posted in "gf2 discussions topic": "What I found was that the iso limit setting in the menu is used in video mode. Unfortunately the lowest iso limit in the menu is 200 so iso can change between 100 and 200 depending on the scene."

    i have not tested this. but it is / would be a nice contribution for this topic here. all in all, this is a nice work-around for some issues, that have been posted here, in combination with manual settings and flicker reduction, close to all-manual mode. does it work?

  • The ISO limit setting is not enabled in video recording, the ISO will adjust even with manual lens and flicker set on 1/50.

    From the GF2 manual >• The ISO sensitivity will be set to [AUTO] (for motion pictures) when recording motion pictures. Also, the [ISO LIMIT SET] will not operate.

  • well, i thought so too, then the pst-posting made me hope. anyway, it was too good to be true. sooner or later manual settings will be true though, due to vk. loads of thanks to him.

  • Hi guys, awesome hack Vitaliy, thank you! Any word on locking the iso on the gf2?