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Gear organization ways?
  • I'm looking for a way to organize all the gear I currently own, with info about it like number of units, purchased date, serial numbers, lending status and such. I've been using mygearvault android app but I don't like it very much and I don't like the way it handles information too: you have to create an account to use it and it focuses on the price of the items and insurance stuff. I would prefer a more traditional and private software. I don't care about synchronization between devices either

    I thought to make a fillable PDF forms wich I could carry with me but first I would like to know the solutions that commonly you are using to that matter and to elaborate and export collections of gear for specific tasks, too.


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  • Try to look for more general software (not gear oriented).

    And look for one that has desktop versions, as it is much better to fill database on it.

  • Thanks, @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Already started to search about that kind of stuff. :) So far it seems the foss options are a bit dated, though. The commercial ones are too specialized. Will post my findings.