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How to turn auto iso off
  • I am having difficulty locating the option. I looked in the manual and it says "When the [ISO LIMIT SET] of [REC] mode menu (pg 123) is set to anything except [OFF] it is set automatically within the value set in [ISO LIMI SET]. This is on page 90.

    I looked on both page 90 and page 123 but I can not find where to turn it off in the camera. Where exactly is the option located in the camera? Thx KeNoah

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  • I found the option in modes P,A,S and turned it off, but it remains to be in auto iso when shooting in Manual Movie mode- 24p

  • @kenoah Did you sort it? Just encountered this when trying Quantum 9b (camera goes into Auto ISO when recording in manual mode, 24P Cinema). Not sure if it's a bug or a setting was mistakenly changed...

  • Just saw this in GH2 Hack FAQ, for what it's worth:

    Known issues and bugs: When recording video, the LCD will display “Auto” for ISO, no matter the actual ISO setting. This is just cosmetic. Your actual ISO setting is being used.

  • Sistercitis thx!