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  • So, have had my Intel six core (HT) cheapo system for some time now, using Premiere Pro. I can't say it's zippy, but it works. It chokes a bit on transitions with stacked filters. It's overclocked to "4".
    So I figure I need a new system at this point. Plus I have 14 8TB hard drives in the computer, so I guess the only thing to do is build a new one and keep the old one.
    I'm looking at all the ratings, reviews, etc. For CPUs and cards.
    According to a lot of benchmarks, even a fairly cheap Intel 8 core will perform as well as some of the new 16 or 24 core CPUs. This seems ridiculous.
    What do you all think? What's a good CPU Graphic card combo?

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  • @DrDave

    For exact this moment system on 9900K most probably will be fastest in Premiere.

    But it will change fast.

    My own view - best to go with x399+1950X route with later update to 32 core Zen 2 based Threadripper. Also good for lot of hard drives as you can just add extra controllers

  • Thanks--I guess I can't go too wrong with the 9900K. But the 1950 and upgrade later is an interesting idea, it's not so bad to just pop in another CPU.
    Hard drives--there's no more room in case which already is too heavy to lift haha.....but I suppose I could make an external box. The other solution is to buy a bunch of super capacity drives and then put two drives on one but that would be expensive....

  • @DrDave

    Well, 9900K is non upgradable path. Plus very few IO options.

    Considering drives - just make separate server and link to it using 10Gbit connection. I have two topics on 10Gbit - fiber and twisted pair.