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My cinematography showreel (a lot of GH2 stuff in there).
  • I hope I don't get warned for blatant self-advertising, but I just wanted to share my shoowreel here, there's some GH2 stuff in there (some of it hacked, one shot in the HBR mode). Here's a breakdown: First shot, done with HBR mode and Lomo OCT-19 primes 0:26 Driftwood GOP-3 with Nikon AI primes

    0:37 HBR with Lomos

    0:48 Cbrandin 66mbit with Lomos

    0:56 HBR with Lomos

    01:02 Cbrandin 66mbit with Lomos

    01:03 Driftwood GOP-3 with Nikon AIs

    01:11 HBR with Lomos

    01:18 Stock AVCHD with Nikon AIs

    01:37 Driftwood GOP-3 with Nikon AIs

    01:40 Cbrandin 66mbit with Lomos

    01:42 HBR with Lomos

    01:55 Driftwood GOP-3 with Nikon AIs

    02:04 HBR with Lomos

    02:14 HBR with Lomos

    (sorry for the double spacing, but otherwise it would all just fall behind each other)

    This really shows what an amazing camera the GH2 is! Even unhacked it looks amazing (I think what I got with HBR looks the best to me, but that has more to with my work).

    There's also some anamorphic stuff in there, done with my generic anamorphic on an AF100 with a Nikon AI 35mm (third shot, you'll recognize the rest)

    And if you like, feel free to check in my site or like me on Facebook!

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  • Thanks for posting.

    And why do you need all this Facebook likes?

  • There are some nice shots in there. I recognize the guy at 11 seconds from the Education First LA video.

  • @Vitaly_Kiselev: I don't actually I need them, but I do have use for them! The more people who Like me, the more "popular" I seem (basically, it's about promoting myself, as I said, this is a lot blatant self-promotion)

    @jbturbo: Thank you! Do you have a link? His name is Niclas Larsson, but if he did that, it would be fun to see!

  • Great work Gabel!

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