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Can the 100th anniversary of Pentax be the last day of this brand?
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    On November 27, 2019, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Asahi Optical Industry Joint Stock Company (then), the origin of PENTAX, an event celebrating the 100th anniversary with users who have used and supported PENTAX products. The party format was 3,000 yen.

    The main “PENTAX meeting” will be held in a buffet style. The company is preparing for events such as the sale of 100th anniversary merchandise, with a focus on "hot social gatherings between fans and our employees".

    Strong industry rumors are that Ricoh is looking on the ways to silently kill Pentax brand, as well as all DSLRs lineup.

    On the falling market it is no longer viable to support development teams as they are lagging years behind competition anyway.

    Ricoh plan to stay in the profitable new markets of instant cameras and VR/360 cameras.

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  • I started photography with a pentax ME+50mm F1.7 in 1994, i crossed Algeria with it many times and it holds a special place in my heart. When Pentax announced it will enter the FF market , like many i secretly hoped for a Pentax MX-D and they came with this alien spaceship the K1... I wish Pentax were the Fujifilm of full frame... Hey Ricoh, give us a farewell gift, a MX-D ! Take this 24mp sony sensor, we dont need autofocus, video, eye focus, electronic viewfinder, rear screen, double SD slot ! Just a pure photography tool with the 100% pentaprism, 2 physical knobs: Shutter, iso and a so low electrical consumption that it works with 2 AA batteries, no lithium battery no charger... Thank you...

  • I started with my Dad's old Pentax Spotmatic in the 80s and I still prefer Pentax cameras like the MX, ME-Super, P30N etc for shooting film. They are hard to beat for portability and reliability. I never took to the Pentax digital line as I started with Panasonic mirrorless cameras for video. I agree with @Faudel. If Ricoh put out a no-frills digital MX (even if it was APSC), it would be a charmer. But I guess Fujifilm cornered that niche.

  • Clearly it was last anniversary, but brand can live for 1-2 years still




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