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Goodbye Aberration: Physicist Solves 2,000-Year-Old Optical Problem
  • In the scientific paper General formula for bi-aspheric singlet lens design free of spherical aberration Rafael G. González-Acuña and Héctor A. Chaparro-Romo present an analytical solution for a problem that was only solveable by numeric approximation for the last 2000 years: How to shape one side of an (aspheric) lens such that it completely compensates the (non-chromatic-)abberation of the other side.

    I'm not quite sure whether the use of the new analytical solution (in comparison to a numeric approximation) will make a significant difference for the practical process of designing lenses, but the article "Goodbye Aberration: Physicist Solves 2,000-Year-Old Optical Problem" at on this is definitely an interesting read.

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  • Saw this, but I think most of posters do not understand meaning of all this :-)

    All modern lens design software work using numerical methods and will continue to do this.

    Here it is more of theoretical things with may be some application for cheap smartphone lenses designs applications.