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Edit: Rewrap DNxHD MXF files to Quicktime files solved via firmware update. New problem now tho.
  • The new Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 records DNxHD files in the MXF wrapper. These files can only be read by Avid's NLE. If these file could be rewrapped into a quicktime wrapper then other NLE's would be able to read the files. Many people on many forums are trying to find a solution to this. I want to start this thread here to get more people joining the cause. The Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 is a great buy at an amazing price, and if we could get the files rewrapped or transcoded cheaply it would be huge.

    Has anyone done this successfully? Or at least have any good idea's on how to do this?

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  • Panasonic have quietly released a new mxf encoder for Compressor.

  • Thanks Nick. Do you have a link?

  • free transcode with davinci resolve lite

  • I heard that, but I can't test it since DaVinci won't run on my MacBook Pro. Can you verify that it works? Or are you repeating what you've heard?

  • Resolve lite plays the files. Have not yet figured out how to transcode. The new version for OSX released on Feb 7th should work. Just be aware that the window cannot be resized and it need a res of at least 1440x900 to display the entire window.

  • ...STOP PRESS...

    "HyperDeck Shuttle and HyperDeck Studio models feature Avid DNxHD record and playback that is fully certified by Avid. HyperDeck 2.5 software adds the option to record and playback DNxHD QuickTime as well as DNxHD MXF format files. The choice to wrap DNxHD files in a QuickTime format extends the opportunity to use Avid’s industry standard file encoding with a wide range of software and to suit specific workflows."


  • Now a new problem, I just downloaded the new 2.5 beta firmware for my Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 that now records the files, and have been doing tests for the last few hours to come up with a good workflow. I am using the Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 on my Panasonic AF100, and on the AF100 you can't send a 24Psf signal out the HDMI. I will have to do a few jobs with HDMI while I wait for my custom mini SDI to SDI cables to be made, so I am investigating decent pulldown removal workflows. Anyway all the routes I've tried so far seem to work, but unfortunately change the gamma of the original image. I've tried Compressor, both to DNxHD and ProRes, I've tried JES Deinterlacer, and the "remove pulldown" option in FCPX is grayed out. Preferably Id's like a solution that will batch and won't transcode, just remove the pulldown, but I'll take what I can get. Any suggestions?

  • According to your problem, do you mean you want to play your recorded .mov .mxf files in your Shuttle 2? .mxf can not be played by many media player,you need to do some conversion before you put it in it. The Pavtube MXF Converter can convert .mxf to .mp4 and then you can it on your Shuttle 2; while Pavtube Video Converter can transfer kinds video format .avi, .mts, etc to the supported format for your device. Hope this can be helpful to you.