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Neewer 480 bi-color CRI 96 kit review
  • This is a brief review. I needed a fill light kit for a shoot in the Netherlands, and I did not want to travel with it from California. I purchased three of these lights and three stands as a kit from Amazon Germany. They were delivered to my hotel in two days. The stands were light, short and cheesy, but they were OK. I wound up using mic stands for two of the lights.
    The lights: two knobs for each of the two colors. Can be powered by Sony batteries. They actually look decent. They come with power supplies, not a super long cord. No remote. Totally silent, no flicker. No fan. Did not really get warm as the whole case is one big aluminum heatsink.
    There's a diffuser which is your typical thin plastic sheet which clips in. It actually worked rather well. I did not use an umbrella, as it would have really not let much light through.
    The quality of the light, while not super bright, was excellent and the closeups have a natural fill light. Just what I wanted. OK, there are better lights, but for the price this was pretty amazing.
    Not much to say except that this is a good, cheap, well made light with high CRI. They were super lightweight and came with a soft case. Pass on the stands unless you need short, light ones.
    Here's the Amazon description, with photos. etc. This is the kit I bought. Of course, I paid the same price in Euros, not dollars, so it was a bit more, but really that's cheap for three lights and three stands.

    3600 x 2700 - 1M
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  • Yes these Neewer lights are very good. I have the slightly larger 660 version with barn doors and a smaller 280 LED fill light. They have good colour rendition although have a slight green colour cast which seems to be removed (oddly enough) by using the diffuser. If using "naked" I would recommend doing a manual white balance first. Very energy efficient, I get up over 2 hours from NP-F 550 type batteries (they are designed to use 2 batteries together, but one will quite happily power it at full brightness).

  • As far as I am aware Neewer is US rebrand from different factories for different products.

  • Yeah, I wondered about that. And the quality control. Of my three lamps, one had been opened, the other two not. And of course there are identical lights from Pergear and other companies. But, hey, it is lightweight, relatively inexpensive, silent and decent quality. No annoying low level hum like from a lot of the fluorescent lamps and they run super cool.
    I'm not easily pleased, these are decent lights. Buy three in case one conks out.