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Updated w/more footage: Epic and GH2
  • Limited time only, because I know this is gonna go south.

    The settings are on the vimeo, but here they are again:

    EPIC @ 3K 120FPS 8:1 Compression HR Zoom @ 3.5 Soft FX 1/3 ND 0.6

    GH2 Standard -2-2-2-2 Zeiss Ultra Prime

    Not supposed to be a guessing game, I think it's pretty obvious which one is which so I didn't label them.

    This isn't a verus -- it's for my own testing to see how they cut together. Epic's compression goes higher than 8:1, so the quality isn't indicative of what the camera is fully capable of. There's no contest in 4K or 5K (downrezzed to 1080/2k). What-so-ever.

    I didn't shoot tight and wide, I grabbed something almost similar to what the Epic was shooting. Anyone can cut together a tight and a wide, try wide and a wide.

    Form your own opinions, but for a limited time only. I'm gonna rip it down in a few hours. Video will not be available for download, sorry guys. Next time though, cause I'm gonna do some more testing as we get closer to project dates.

    Second one:


    Download from the vimeo link for a limited time.

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  • Well, they're both pretty damn good...

    And honestly, I like the look of them both better than 35mm film. The tonality of shadows with film just doesn't look as good as a modern digital sensor...

    Out of these though... I'd say I like the first shot better... tonality is just a bit nicer. Epic I'm guessing? Although, in all honesty, there is nothing "magical" about Red's sensors... nothing really makes them more advanced than any other manufacturer. So it doesn't shock me that any modern prosumer camera recording to a high enough bit-rate would look similar.

  • Agreed, they both look great. Thanks for the cutting.

  • What happened to the footage on the first take, the arm, above and near the elbow?

  • Someone on user asked why we shot 120 FPS, it's for beauty specifically. Could've gotten 5K @ 120 if we chose to crop later, 3K was easier.

    Also forgot to mention that the Gh2 stuff is 720P/60P


    Red Rocket card shifted pixels on us, wasn't seated properly so some of my ProRes dailies have that in the footage. All good, though.

  • Nice clips, I would be interested in seeing what the GH-2 looked like with the soft FX filter on it if you get a chance next time. Tiffen filters aren't cheap, I have some black pro-mist's and I am curious if it would be worth investing in some some soft FX as well.

  • You can still download it with programs like Jdownloader. Just sayin'.

  • man I read it wrong @Kholi thats why i guessed Scarlet... but im hoping GH2 was number 1

  • @yourmomgoestocollege - Yeah, 720 proRes LT in a 1920x1080 timeline. Not a real uprez, could be better with some care.


    Planning on it. Problem is the Zeiss Ultra Primes are TOO sharp for the GH2, even at 720. ETC mode they look like they're reaching into someone's soul. Even too sharp for 5K, but it's hair and beauty so.

    Hopefully will have some footage from GH2 + Soft FX Full tomorrow. Those things really are expensive it'nt?

  • @Macallincag

    What's the point? It's vimeo compression and still not tip tops, but if people are that desperate go for it.


    GH2 is second one, sorry didn't mean for it to go guessing game style. It's definitely the second one. You really can't get that kind of image depth from the GH2 but it holds its own. Epic @ 5K is a different ballgame.

  • @kholi, ok, thanks for confirming source of image error. Yeah, 720, wow... Quantum 9b?

  • @kholi yeah I figured but a man can hope ;)

  • @WhiteRabbit

    720/60 for sure. Wanted to see if it would be slow enough for smaller budget yet similar work, I actually think it is. 9b to 95mb/s Cards.



  • @kholi keep it 24H mode, shoot a high shutter speed and use twixtor :)

  • @kholi Sounds great, thanks ,and Yeah $180 for a 4x4 piece of glass is a bit ridiculous but they work.

  • @kholi, thanks again for comfirmation, just realised the title says "Driftwood V9b". 9b, nice one @driftwood. Time to move from 7 to 9b, been holding off and waiting for my tab of Quantum X. :D

  • What's Epic?

  • @kholi, Thanks for this work ! Obviously both cameras were operated in capable hands. Footage looks great throughout the sequence. It's so interesting to see that GH2's footage could be intercut so seamlessly with Epic in a 2K web presentation. GH2 is all I have at the moment ( 4 of them ) and 2K web presentation is all I am asked and paid for. So, unless my pay-grade changes drastically my clients are not being short changed. The footage they are getting is almost as good as Epic.

  • @010101

    Well, I still am not sure how GH2 cuts with 5K. 3K and 2K I'm pretty confident in, but 5K and 4K( down to 1080) I am also confident the differences would be major when all things are equal. So in this situation, if we had shot 5K instead, the difference would be pretty massive.

    But, and I did say this before, GH2 Hacked is probably the best valued large sensor 1080 image you can get under 10K. The FS100 may be running really close with it, but I'm not gonna buy that cam over a GH2... never. I'm still in the mode where I'd rather shoot with a GH2 setup than break out the Epic.

    When I've got more time I'll do the 5K and GH2 cut for cut to see how they mix.

  • kholi Thanks man, always great info from you..

  • Panasonic should produce a 4k camera to compete with RED and the new Canon C300. I dont understand the inertia of Panasonic.

  • At this point, I wouldn't say that they aren't. Nobody really knows but Panasonic, I just guess it'll be beyond the cost of a GH2.

    Then again, that's just guessing.


    For sure, hopefully more soon. Been busy in pre-pro and now shooting.

  • Both cameras are being downsampled, and the GH2 does a pretty good job downsampling from 14 mpx in camera. The Epic is less than that when windowed to 3K (plus, both are Bayer sensors) and can be downsampled at best quality in post. So, I think you are right, a hacked GH2 in professional hands under controlled lighting can come surprisingly close. High contrast scenes combined with careful grading will change the situation a lot, though…

    All others, like the FS100 with it's incredible low-light capabilities, suffer from compression unless someone hacks them (if even possible). So, I agree, below a Scarlet the hacked GH2 rules right now.

  • Come on guys, (most comments are from blokes, right?) Take your eyes off the lady's face and concentrate on the velvet sofa and the curled hair and you should see a big difference between the first and second takes.

  • Panasonic will make a 4k camera when they make a 4K TV. Product integration. Plus, there is no 4K delivery system in place. Not Bluray.