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What is wrong with Intel discrete GPU?
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    Intel posted first images of their discrete GPU.

    Lot of industry press post various bullshit on how competitive it will be and such.

    In reality here we see 75-120W card with worst possible cooling, obviously made for multi GPU configurations.

    Real intended market for this card will be CAD, 10-14bit color editing and similar applications.

    GPU itself won't be really powerful.

    Whole project is more like a con to distract public from full failure with moving to real 10nm and 7nm.

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  • Contrary to several recent reports, Intel hasn't yet displayed a render of its planned graphics card. Instead, the company recently displayed some conceptual fan art from Cristiano Siqueira at its Odyssey event at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019.

    It seems like Intel is playing with public not having anything due to issues with 10nm.

    Whole GPU program having huge issues so company wanted to test ground a little.

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  • Some more real renders of GPU



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