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  • Team members will work hard and it'll be right if they feel your support and your voice behind them and not voice of some company.

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  • Big thanks for few members who already supported our team.

    Press independence is not some empty sounding thing and if team can more rely on your support it make them feel much better.

  • Double thanks from Japan to those supporting us! It's allot of work, but a very cool opportunity to sit down with the real people behind many camera companies. Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!

    私たちを支えてくれた皆さん、日本から二重の感謝を! これは大変な作業ですが、多くのカメラ会社の背後にいる現実の人々と一緒に座るための非常に素晴らしい機会です。 どうもありがとうございました!

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  • Voigtlander unveiled 3 new lenses and 6 new adapters at the CP+ show in Japan.

    • NOKTON 50mm F1.2 Aspherical E-mount
    • NOKTON 21mm F1.4 Aspherical E-mount
    • NOKTON Vintage Line 75mm F1.5 Aspherical VM
    • VM -Z Adapter
    • VM -Z Close Focus Adapter
    • VM -RF Adapter
    • VM -RF Close Focus Adapter
    • VM -X Close Focus Adapter
    • E -Z Adapter

    The NOKTON 50mm F1.2 Aspherical E-mount lens will be available in April priced at 150.000 YEN.

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  • Attendance numbers

    Number of CP + 2019 registered visitors

    • February 28 (Thur)
      • Number of registered visitors -13,055 people (103.23% compared to last year)
      • Weather: Rain
    • March 1 (Friday)
      • Number of registered visitors - 17,961 people (102.68% compared to last year)
      • Weather: Rain
    • March 2 (Saturday)
      • Number of registered visitors - 23,730 people (106.66% compared to last year)
      • Weather: Sunny
    • March 3 (Sunday)
      • Number of registered visitors - 14,869 persons (94.56% compared to last year)
      • Weather: Rain

    Per year attendance

    • CP+2010:41,033
    • CP+2011:49,368
    • CP+2012:65,120
    • CP+2013:62,597
    • CP+2014:42,203
    • CP+2015:67,617
    • CP+2016:67,792
    • CP+2017:66,665
    • CP+2018:68,111
    • CP+2019:69,615
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  • Thanks to all companies for taking the time to see us this year !!

  • sneak peak. Sorry for audio and early focus issue.

  • Hey guys and gals, so I am Todd, and I am the person you will be seeing in the CP+2019 videos interviewing companies, and in the walk through video a few posts above.. This is my second year doing CP+ and though this year felt better, it is still a bit of a roller coaster which I am doing my best to be prepared for it and get more coverage for everyone during this event. This year was not easy and I will leave it at that, but I did my best to get meaningful coverage of this event, and hope you all enjoy the interviews and additional coverage. Cp+ is unique to other expo's in that this is the home to many of the giants in the camera and lens industry and there are really none doing what we are doing there. This year there were more foreigners at the event than last, but though I admit I am not yet a camera guru, I have a bit of an advantage over the others trying to do interviews in that I have lived and worked in Japan for 8 years (will be exactly 8 years in 2 weeks) and though my Japanese is not great, I know just enough of the language and culture to connect with companies, though some are more difficult than others, and engage with them one on one. Some may remember the closed door interview I did with Panasonic last year, and though like me, many wanted more than an old fashioned written word interview, what we did was unprecedented, period. This year I met with Panasonic's Mr. Inoue once again the day after his retirement party at CP+ 2019. He was there as a guest this year, and not on an official capacity, but regardless met with me and introduced me to some of the young blood who will undoubtedly shape the future of that company. Mr Inoue actually is briefly in the walk through video, but I will let you guess where. It is a bit of a special thing considering the time he spent shaping panasonic, that I was able to see him the day after his official retirement, and get a moment of video. Out of respect I cannot say too much, but I will say that I believe PV is respected more than many may think by some at Panasonic, as is the man behind PV. Although we did not have an interview this year with Panasonic, there is hope for the future to talk with them and get insight as well as input. Hope has been lit as some wizard once said. Though the on film interview with Panasonic will have to wait, we did however talk to Olympus, Tamron, Ricoh, Sigma, Voightlander and others in depth. It may have been simply scheduling issues, but most companies I interviewed this year were not available last year, so this year was a positive move forward. As I learn and improve my knowledge, and the support of Japanese team members grows, which was invaluable this year, we will continue to create a very direct line of communication with people that simply are not reachable without being here in Japan. We all love to hate our favorite camera companies, especially when they do not seem to follow our needs, and this feedback is vital to moving the industry forward. This is our chance to steer them right and get some glimpses into things if we read between the lines. Please continue the support of all PV teams, and pay close attention to the newly emerging team in Japan as we evolve the lines of communication, and please support us when you can. Thanks for all who have support us this year !! The work is not done for CP+ and will continue beyond CP+, so continued support is greatly appreciated.. I will be writing a more detailed account of my experience this year very soon and posting additional footage on personal view and my own channel in the days to come, and Personal View will be releasing more interviews with yours truly soon!

    Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita,

    Todd Mellon

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  • Here’s a quick translation of KY’s speech at CP+.

    2:26 the screen reads as follows:

    1. Sell a camera with a Foveon sensor in 2019 (later revised to 2020, of course).
    2. Cease selling cameras with the SA mount
    3. Continue selling lenses with the SA mount
    4. SA/EF-L mount adapter in 2019
    5. Sell L mount lenses in 2019
    6. Add L mount to the list of choices to the mount conversion service

    5:15 a picture of the new sensor is shown.

    Mr. Yamaki then apologizes for the delay, saying that they are trying to make a great camera and that creating a full frame sensor for the first time comes with difficulties.

    5:50 Mr. Yamaki talks about Foveon sensors stating:

    “Our current cameras, the Quattros, use a 1:1:4 RGB sensor, but we are returning to our traditional, or rather, original 1:1:1 sensor.”

    He then talks about pixel pitch. He said that he wanted to create a camera where the pixel pitch was large enough that the images could be recorded well. (paraphrased). Shortly thereafter, he talks about spectral response.

    ~10:00 “Our sensors have the reputation of being able to capture images in a unique way in regards to pixel sharpness, etc. Our cameras have a broader spectral response compared to cameras with a Bayer filter. In cameras with a Bayer sensor, the RGB have more distinct peaks comparatively. It is said that Foveon sensors are have worse color separation due to this. It is true that Foveon sensors are indeed a little weaker when it comes to color separation, but this also allows for a smooth gradation of colors.”

    ~11:00 He talks about the switch to TSI semiconductors. He notes that the close proximity of the two companies will allow for better communication between Foveon and the foundry.

    12:36 Bruce Gray from TSI Semiconductors and Shri Ramaswami from Foveon speak.

    33:12 Mr. Yamaki returns and states, ” We expect to be selling the MC-21 this spring. Although we sell the MC-11 for about 37,500 yen, we are tentatively planning to release the MC-21 for SA-L at around 10,000 yen.” (currently $89.30 although, it is likely to be closer to $100)

    ~35:08 Release dates for the L mount lenses

    35:17 Mount conversion service for SA-L mount is tentatively planned for about 10,000 yen.

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