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China: 5g rollout coverage
  • Huawei Mobile 5G launch-Live

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  • UK and Germany resisting US Huawei ban:

    In "Serious Blow" To US, Britain Concludes Huawei Is "Manageable Risk" To 5G Rollout

    The UK, however, hinted that it would refuse to endorse Washington's "with us or against us line" when Alex Younger, head of MI6, the UK secret intelligence service, on Friday indicated that Britain might take a softer line on Huawei than the US, saying the issue was too complex to simply ban the company. He said it was “a more complicated issue than in or out” and countries had “a sovereign right to work through the answer to all of this”.

    Germany tells America to verpissen off over Huawei 5G cyber-Sicherheitsbedenken

    Germany is expected to snub US pressure to cut Huawei out of its next-generation 5G networks, rejecting claims that the Chinese manufacturer is a security risk.

    According to German media reports, a weekend meeting of the German cabinet dug into the issue and effectively rejected America efforts to impose a global ban on the company. The meeting considered a report by its own security services that said it has failed to find any evidence of spying. That report reflects a early indication by UK security services that they have been unable to find any evidence that Huawei is installing backdoors in its products, something that is credible given that GCHQ has access to Huawei's source code. A final report is expected this spring.

  • Rural U.S. Carriers Resist Proposed Ban Aimed at Huawei

    Rural U.S. carriers, many of whom have built their networks on low-cost Chinese gear, have been quietly lobbying against such a ban.

    “We’ve obviously been in touch with the administration to make sure they understand whatever they do in that [order] doesn’t have the unintended consequence of hurting rural America,” said Carri Bennet, general counsel of the Rural Wireless Association, a trade group of smaller carriers. “What nobody in the administration or government or Congress seems to have looked at is how pervasive is all this gear in our networks.”

    CANADA: Huawei ban could hurt wireless networks ... Telus says

    Telus Corp. chief executive Darren Entwistle warned Thursday that banning Huawei Technologies Inc. equipment from Canada’s 5G networks could weaken wireless network performance and increase costs.

    The Vancouver-based telecom, which uses the Chinese telecom’s equipment extensively in its 3G and 4G networks, reported it would face a “material, non-recurring, incremental” cost increase if the federal government bans Huawei gear from the next-generation network. A prohibition of Huawei technology without compensation could potentially delay 5G network deployment, according to Telus’ quarterly report.

    “Our partnership with Huawei over the past decade has been fruitful for Canada and fruitful for Canadians,” he said. “Canada’s wireless networks are consistently the most capable in the world. Our Huawei partnership has allowed us to be exceptionally innovative with our network deployment taking into account the realities of Canada’s vast geography and demographics.”

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  • Truth is 5G is going to coexist with 4G/LTE networks for the very long term future. Folks are spinning as if 5G is everything or the end to all things, no there is going to be 6G and so on. Just because you are rolling out 5G does not mean that your core and metro networks are going to change, most of those will stay. And if security is a concern, you can always go with somebody else's core, metro or subscriber management. Most Tier 1 operators' public networks are multi vendors in any case, sure you may lose some flow through or end to end operations management but those can be dealt with.

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    5G actually will be complete nightmare, as even with 4G we had lot of different bands, now we can have situation that in one country frequency range will be totally different from other country.

    And not only this, all this ranges are not yet set and can change, making your 5G phone useless (in its 5G capabilities).

  • 5g products at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2019

  • Huawei recognizes Prof Erdal Arıkan , the Father of Polar Codes, for his years of contribution in communications technology. (looks like Huawei has a Royal Palace! :) )

    Polar Codes are the solution of a problem related to the construction of coding schemes that send information at a rate better suited to the capacity of communication channels. The problem had remained unresolved ever since the field of information theory was first established by Claude Shannon in 1948.

  • Huawei's US $1.5 billion Research Campus is a Euro Theme Park located in Dongguan China, north of Shenzhen. No interior footage, must be secret :)

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