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Really working NN face generator
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  • They should make an anonymous test to see how well people can tell the difference between the "real" and generated subjects. When I first looked at the generated faces they seemed believable, but then the closer I looked, I noticed something "wrong" with many of them, particularly if you stare at the eyes. For me, the look in the eyes does not match the face. I'm not sure why. Maybe we can tell if there is some kind of correspondence between the emotional expression of the face and the eyes?

  • @MirrorMan

    Well, as avatar generator it serves the purpose.

    The more users start to use similar generators - the better, as it makes life harder for elites.

    I hope we will see soon integrated filter that will be changing your face to other ones and still keep organic look.

    So your friends could see original photos and strangers will see same nice photo but of non existing human.