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How do I Make/Get a prism for a three sensor setup?
  • I couldn't find a hardware hack/maker specific category here, so I hope that this is the right one.

    I've come across some pretty nice sensor chips related to one of my cameras. So, I'm curious about getting a 3-chip prism I could attach them to. I literally could buy three devices that used them, strip them, and attach them to the prism. I've heard about making them many years ago, so which ever is easiest.

    This is a curiosity.

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  • It is also huge project, as any high quality prism will be very expensive. And you have no idea if you could use any lenses with it.

  • Thanks.

    The prism should be made to suit a certain optical format. There should be prisms for standard formats out there.

    I did see somebody trying to do a water based prism.

    It occurred to me after after posting 3D resin based printing is cheap, but the material is not so suitable, and optical components still have to be included.