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Panasonic AF100. When a new firmware for this camera? Thank you.
  • Hello everyone, I'm New Here. I'm using a Panasonic AG AF100, I wonder if there are possibilities to make a hack for this camera as was done with the GH2. To record a more Mbs. Thanks for everything.

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  • Best to do a search

  • Here's some bedtime reading for you on AF100 hack.

    The spoiler. According to two idiots, BG and Jan from Panasonic :) "There won't be a hack because the AF100 ISN'T hackable."

  • As you can see, I deleted my messages in this topic long time ago :-)

    To be short - it is hackable. But use also some new unknown commands and big chunks of DSP code.

    And I have zero intention of looking at it (rather tham make and fix, if required, unpacker).

  • I'm sure Vitaliy could do it if he wanted to, but there are probably many reasons he won't. It would probably be far more dificult to do, so it'd take more time, money, and resources. The benifits aren't as great as they are for the GH2, the GH2 is cheap and accessible to a lot more people. Also it is already possible to exceed the hacked GH2's image quality via external recorder attached to the AF100. The only real reason I can see to hack the AF100 is to add color profiles. Vitaliy currently can not do this with the GH2, but once he can I'll be like you and push for an AF100 hack.

  • @Brian202020

    Thanks for interpreting me, but it is really not required.

  • Those were my theories, plus I wasn't sure if you'd answer. Delete it if you like.

  • Thanks for your reply, I did not know that this issue had been discussed, now that I read everything I realize you never will get Vitali by the long awaited patch. Thanks for everything and maybe have a GH2 in my near future .... but I still love my AG AF100 every day! ....