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Red teases Lithium camera for Red Hydrogen One smartphone
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    Very interested developments.

    As rumors on market are that we can see big sales at Red Hydrogen One and after this it'll go out of the market as no one buys it except few fans.

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  • Vitality, that's worse then my prediction. Man, relying on one trick to justify the very high end price tag, even with paltry two camera 3D (which is below 4v). They lack an awful awful lot. I can see it from far back, but they just keep going. This is a $699 phone with 4+ computational 3D camera array recording 4kp60 in up to 16 stop, selling well. What are you getting. The people raving about this act like it is a fun wagon of the strange. Divorced from the reality from a sound mind that can tell them how to do it successfully. They got the party hard on, steamers and those hooters dancing around. Crazy. But where is it now, and where is the competition now? Where is the filming module we were supposed to see last year, where is the computational array module we should have seen at the same time? We should have seen all three nearly a year ago, even the year before. But now we know how development is, and those modules, if not cheap, might hurt. We might be able to buy a better phone for recording 3D and normal film, for the price of this phone, this year, no module, even less. You must conquer, not price like you have conquered.

  • I would have expected, the enthusiast sales and some continuing sales. Great sales outside specialist users (like 3D and pro camera people or hobbyists and other professionals with a use) not much.

    The screen is a feature you could use on a $200-$500 game phone for great sales without great can sea features. A phone Nintendo could sell, or on the switch? But you need somebody that can see this. See that timing is right for whatever direction. If this had come out when the 835 came out, then yes, it would have been great timing, and top if the pile. But, maybe they will do $699 multipoint phone in future, but the timing for that was last year or so, by the time they do it, the timing could slipped by. It's the reality, not trying to me things happen with money. Money doesn't force reality when reality isn't going to cooperate. Wisdom, genius, foresight, touch and feel is needed. Very little have enough. Very little to hire from, even less to put in charge. People that are energetic might be entertaining, but is like having an accountant in charge of an innovation hi-tech company, but opposite, but still disaster. If you gave to survive on doing deals, like on the apprentice, some day you can run out, strategy and work sees success innovating the future to stay ahead. How many great brand companies have lost their way on hi-tech over the decades, as the accountants or energetic people have taken over. Steve Jobs, had a touch a feel, for what was significant and strategy, which revitalised Apple. He might have not been the best innovator, but he had the feel to see where the innovation, strategy was, and to listen to people that has it and cooperates, successfully. Not, oh you're smart that's smart and go along with it, but to see its true potential and participate. He had that, I believe, up till he was sick, and believe me real sickness nocks it out from you. Apple is now trying to regain its feet, as with the new Mac Pro, which might just even be something suggested on Red forums. These are the biggest decisions.