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Tilta Nucleus Nano
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  • I bought this, and it works REALLY great. Displays are too small, but thats ok for this price. For what it does its really a bargain. For slow moves its also pretty quiet. Much better than the Ronin S motor as it seems.

    As internal Monitor of GH5 shuts down when plugging in external Monitor and Ronin-S via USB at the same time, I want to use the Nano record button with my GH5. Sadly the Nano does not come with matching LANC cable (the call it run/stop cable):

    This cable is: A. Totally overpriced B. Not available from any vendor in EU (afaik)

    Does anybody know if a simple 2.5mm 4 pin jack cable will work? (I could easily solder this myself.) Would I need to cross some lines?

  • Thanks for the reports. Unfortunately I can't help with your cable question.

    What lenses are you using the Nucleus with?

  • Until now I only tried the Tokina 14-20mm F2.0 (speedboosted with Viltrox M2, quite sharp@1.6, great combo).

    Range calibrates with one button push. (Slight rotational play around 1-2 degree in Viltrox M2, but no shakes) No doubt motor can handle pretty much all regular lenses, at least when connected to the 12V out of Ronin S the torque is way more than needed. I would even give it a try on cinema lenses. If your DSLR lens does not work with this, its indeed time to get it lubricated. ;)

    Looking forward to test it with Sigma 18-35 1.8 soon. Will be more tricky to setup, as no hard stops.

    A really great feature is that the whole focus wheel range always gets mapped to the focus throw of the lens. So its possible to pull focus accurately with lenses which only feature like 1/4 throw and all lenses will feel the same to focus. You can also invert mapping. Quite nice.

    Another funny thing I recognized: The motor actually senses movement, so if you try to adjust focus by hand (takes some torque to do so) it will instantly rotate back to its old position. Its acts a bit like a stubborn animal, made me laugh.

    btw.. BH sends the cable to germany:

    Including postage its only 50$ for a 15 cm passive 2.5mm jack cable. What a great bargain!

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