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Citrix Podio start paywall and lockdown of free accounts
  • Project management and collaboration app Podio just announced they will place a paywall on free accounts starting January 3.

    Formerly, the app had a limit on free "Organizations" of five people and some integration functionality.

    The new paywall will put a limit of 500 "items" on free orgs across any workspace or module, after what the accounts will enter in edit only mode and effectively locked out of data in 30 days.

    The rule will apply to new accounts from January 3 and existing accounts from January 19, as per email notice.

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  • Email:

    At the end of 2017 we stood at 750 million items created in Podio and today at the end of 2018 we have crossed a billion. We would like to thank you for being a part of this journey to 1 billion projects, deliverables, clients, tickets and so much more. With this aggressive scaling and in line with our efforts at bringing in more stability and better performance to our product, we are making certain changes to Podio Free.

    This effort is targeted at being able to create more value for all our customers. Please refer to this news post for further details on this change and how this might affect your Free organization. The change will take effect for new organizations starting January 3, 2019 and existing Free organizations 30 days from today, January 19, 2019.

    If you have questions or concerns about the upcoming change, please reach out to our team here.


    Podio Team at Citrix

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    Try to find alternative.

  • Sure, not using it anymore as for what I need it's really faster, simpler and more flexible to rely on simple office documents and use any collaborative office platform like google drive (or email btw).

    It had it's strengths tough, after you put some effort into it. As the comments section show, it's exactly what's happening, a lot of small teams or B teams put a lot of effort into the platform, don't have how to evaluate another solution in such time much less in that period of the year. The knife-on-the-throat style give money or lose your data isn't unpredictable but not the smoother move.

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    Most fun thing is this companies stating that they literally can do anything.

    As damage they do to society with such moves is huge.