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Sound Devices PIX recorders topic
  • As you may know, Sound Devices presented very interesting recorders at NAB.
    Price for lower model will be not low - about $1600 as far as I remember.


    Two XLR inputs, etc.

    Important question is - does it have any form of audio monitoring?
    I do not see any mention of headphone output.

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  • Look at for small video about this recorders.

    And, btw, they have headphone output.

    P.S. And as previous similar stuff, it's release is also delayed.
  • I've tested the 240 recently for Digital Production (Munich), and these recorders are really good. As you would expect from this company, the audio section in particular is outstanding. While Atomos is cheaper, you get what you pay for…

  • Sound Devices is pleased to announce the release of PIX firmware Rev. 3.0 -- Aurora.

    Sound Devices PIX 220, PIX 220i, PIX 240 and PIX 240i firmware - Aurora (v3.0) provides the following new features and changes.


    • Added 4:4:4 (RGB or YCbCr) 10-bit or 12-bit support. Compatible with 4:4:4 1920x1080 output from Canon C500, Alexa and Sony F3
    • Added ProRes 4444, 12-bit codec
    • Added 3G-SDI on video I/O BNCs. Both Level A and B supported on input. Level A only on output.
    • Added SDI Output Type menu for switching output between HD 4:2:2 and 3G 4:4:4
    • Added menu option for displaying timecode and transport status overlay on SDI and or HDMI outputs.
    • Increased audio delay range to 500ms


    • Fix: PsF to P conversion artifacts.
    • Fix: In Timecode Rec Start/stop mode, PIX not triggering off external timecode when set to freerun.
    • Fix: Drop Frame was default TC frame rate with no incoming Timecode on SDI.
    • Fix: Horizontal flip now does not flip the OSD, only the image

  • After doing some tests in the lab of the best German audio guy I know (he did the sound on "The Life of Others", for example) I would like to add that the PIX recorders have one of the finest audio departments in the industry. Which might be expected if you look at their origins.

    If you need to spend less, have a look at the Samurai. But it's audio is underwhelming and the feature set well behind Sound Devices'.