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Apple MacBook Air 2018 - made for posh totty
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    • Lack of SD card reader
    • 2 core underpowered CPU
    • LPDDR3 in 2018
    • Only two USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 3 and all else also)
    • Prone to failure keyboard from Mac Pros (as Apple want to get more service income)
    • 3.5mm noisy audio jack
    • 13.3 higher res screen
    • Very bad cooling
    • Reduced battery
    • Apple started to use cheaper, third grade aluminum
    • T2 chip to prevent any third party repairs
    • 1.25kg
    • Cheapest modes start at $1199 (it is price of 6 core Windows machines)

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  • To get the trademark look, feel and durability of MacBook cases, Apple previously had to mine high-purity aluminum ore. However, that's no longer the case. Apple designed a brand new custom alloy for these Mac cases; these machines now use fine shavings of excess aluminum from production processes. These offcuts are then re-engineered at the atomic level, which means that the entire case can be constructed from recycled aluminum.

    So much marketing talk to just tell - it is third grade metal. And "re-engineered at the atomic level" bullshit for imbeciles just means melted.

  • Lol. Gotta love Apple

  • Hey- who knew of such amazing engineering feats, it must mean NASA must have designed Budweiser beer cans "re-engineered at the atomic level"

  • And "re-engineered at the atomic level" bullshit for imbeciles just means melted.

    Could also be simplistic dumbed down talk for annealing.

  • From the Apple China Macbook Air 2018 User Guide:

    Please note: The Macbook Air 2018 may melt and cause atomic reactions when attempting to watch any 4K video clips.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev If this was the new Macbook Air announced today, they'd triple sales instantly

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  • Apples new policy to drop OpenGL cold turkey may actually be more devistating than soldered in SSD’s and slow RAM... :-(

  • Info on CPU used

    It'll use Intel Core i5-8210Y processor.

    The Core i5-8210Y has base frequency of only 1.6 GHz and low max turbo frequency - 3.6 GHz.

    TDP is only 7W.

    Note that even previous Air had been based on U 15W processor.

    It is expected that Air will be very low performance notebook.

  • I don't even own a Laptop currently, and know many video guys that don't either. Unless one buys a 'Gaming Laptop' there is no point even trying to do video editing (High Quality 1080p, or 4K).

    Problem with gaming laptop is that battery life is horrible due to power hungry GPU's. So one just gets a nice 'portable' computer which needs to be plugged into AC within 30mins.

    What one does get with Apple laptop's is P3 Color Space screens. (which depending on what software one uses- can be a good / bad thing)

  • Unless editing 10-bit compressed footage, any laptop with a 1050ti should be plenty for basic 4k editing. Obviously, things like noise reduction/compositing/etc will not be well-suited, but at least for basic playback/cutting together footage, most mid-range modern laptops are sufficient. You can definitely use them to assemble and then (if necessary) do the heavier stuff on a desktop (or you can do things like noise reduction on the laptop - just do it last and expect long render times).

  • Yup, so apart from showing clients work or power point demonstrations I don’t really know what use a laoptop is.

    Also any laptop with a 1050ti is not going to last very long on battery power- maybe a 1030 would be good for battery.

    GPU companies need to think about low energy chips, but they continue their obsession with watts, cores, and cost. Also iGPU is currently a sad joke that is just replicated each refresh of intel chips.

  • What's the obsession with running on battery? Just because it's a laptop doesn't mean you have to run it on battery power. Many public places (coffee shops, restaurants, etc) have power outlets available and the laptop's charger brick isn't usually all that big.

  • Oh, and to help you understand what use a laptop is, they are useful for a wide variety of general computing activities where one might want to do them in more than one place sometimes. Even if working on AC, it's a lot easier to carry a laptop between home and work or bring it to another country than it is to carry a desktop computer around. :)

  • Sorry, I think I was a bit harsh. But mainly because many years ago I loved editing on laptops, it was great and portable, and fun. Yes I would edit in coffee shops etc, and without AC. (Some places don’t have AC, and it’s not always possible to shift just for AC)

    However currently a laptop with good battery life and decent computing power is just not there.

    I would be ok with quickcharge over USBC, which can be used with a portable battery as well.

  • Sure - and if you absolutely needed, on a regular basis, to edit with a laptop on battery, you could invest in one or more of these (I just did a quick google search - there are likely cheaper options from Anker and/or Ravpower which are equally good):

    Looks like it weighs about 1.5 pounds (3/4 kilogram) so it's not exactly light, but it probably won't break your back either. :)

  • I have a similar one for my MixPre, love it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the form factor of laptops. For email, text, web, programming they are great. But currently the difference between mobile and desktop feels like it’s never been greater, especially for video. The jump to 4K (even for 1080p deliverable to allow crop in) is 4x the pixels no matter what codec one uses, and that doesn’t scale well to a stagnating CPU sector. Problem is that to make CPUs more powerful now, more cores are added, which raises temps.

    I would like to have fun with computing again, and laptops are a big part of that. It’s not fun currently, and I don’t see it getting better soon. 8K will really be a test for laptop editors. (Yes I know proxie editing is a thing, but proxies don’t help when one needs to check focus - denoise etc.)

  • Inside


    Compare to very budget Xiaomi Air that has much better cooling and is all user serviceable


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  • Avoid this crap at all costs!

    The company confirmed that T2 co-processor can limit third-party repairs for certain components on recent systems, likely including the iMac Pro and MacBook Air. Apple didn't provide a full list of affected parts or say which machines were covered, but the T2 could regulate repairs for the logic board (aka motherboard) and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.


  • Apple's been decidedly mum on the reliability of its 2018 MacBook keyboards. From what we've seen, though, Apple is trying to fix the situation: leaked documents explain how the 3rd-gen keys have a membrane layer (the existence of which was confirmed in an iFixit teardown) under the keys would protect the switches from debris. But flaws, apparently, still linger.

  • @jleo

    This guy is late to the party. This issue is widely known and arises from switch to butterfly design. Membrane can just help a little, but design is flawed and only goal of it is to save around 0.5-1mm.

  • 2019 update