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Anker USB 3.0 Card Reader review
  • I bought one of these because Vitaliy posted a discount code. I instantly regretted it since I have at least seven or eight card readers, but what the hey, in for a penny, as they say.
    In many respects, it looks like the ubiquitous Transcend model and costs about the same. One annoying feature is that the label is on the wrong side, so when you load a card you face the label the other way. No biggie.
    Compared to the Transcend, the Anker is a tiny bit faster in transfer speeds, but only by a few percent. The Transcend is smaller, thinner, lighter and has a better fit. The Anker will also copy from a regular sized SD to a micro SD. So, not a speed demon but perfectly fine. I slightly prefer the Transcend but they are very similar.
    Note that if you are a heavy SD card user, heat is an issue. I use the Transcend because it runs fairly cool; these cards can get really hot if you are offloading hours of footage.
    Avoid the Lexar style or any design that covers up the whole card: the card needs air to stay cool. It's a bit snug. I mention this because there is always a small risk if you have a tight connector that you can damage something.