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Canon EOS R2 Camera For Landscape Shooters
    • High MP FF Sensor with Dual Pixel AF
    • Same cropped 4K, no video progress expected
    • Specially aimed at landscape shooter with battery grip kit option
    • Better body quality made for real beating
    • Announcement around CP++ 2019
    • Extra premium price
    • Target audience - top rich tourists
    • Some wide R lenses will be announced with it
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  • I really dont get this. No one needs this camera. Ever. There is so much demand for better features in their more reasonably priced cameras, where they could satisfy the customer base and increase sales, yet they waste resources on this BS.

  • @joethepro

    I have theory that we have some virus planed in the educational business books. As all managers start to follow same road across different industries. Or they know much more than we do.

  • They just control the market, and want to make money. They aren't in it for their deep passion for photo/video. Maybe they were, back in the 60s-2000s, but not any more.

  • Most of the people we have talked to seem to agree that Canon will announced this camera before Photokina 2019 (which happens in May). That makes sense. Photokina is likely the most important event for the photographic industry.

    Obvious stuff

  • A few more people have told us that this will indeed be the case and that an EOS R camera with slightly more than 75mp is in development. This camera could appear sometime in the 2nd half of 2019 we’re told. Though an exact announcement date is a long way from being decided

    Here general stuff is taken from other sites and announcement date shifted into abstract 2nd half of 2019, and it actually make little sense, as it is stills camera.

  • @joethepro

    One thing I also realized is how broken is feedback of almost all companies. Introduction of various ambassadors made it all much worse, as this people tell them things so.. they could stay ambassadors and get some gear and exposure. Actually they act like broken phone with their own intentions even.

  • We’re being told by a pretty good source that Canon will introduce 5 axis IBIS (in-body image stabilization) in the next EOS R series camera. We’re not sure how this is going to work with in-lens stabilization, but if Canon could figure out a way to make the systems work together to improve performance, that would be a big step forward.


  • Canon will have an EOS-R related announcement in mid February

    Seems pretty soon for new announcement, but they can use it to steal some attention from Panasonic.

  • We have been told that Canon is set to hold this announcement on February 14, 2019. We still have no reliable intel about what Canon is going to announce,