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GH2 cuts last few millisecond footage
  • I have a problem with the last few millisecond of my footage recorded on GH2. It seems after i press stop record, it will delay for say 1-2sec for the video to be written to the card and etc. After that, when i played the video, the last few milliseconds is missing. Is this normal? How can you fix this? I've tried with every setting but nothing seemed to work. I am using a Class 10 SDCard so i dont think thats the problem. Anyone experience the same issue? Thanks
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  • Yes, as I am aware this happens on other models also.
    Just do not press stop with missleconds accuracy, it is bad habit anyway :-)
  • Hey! Thanks for the prompt reply. So this problem happens on all GH2 you mean? Anyway, I hope u have a fix for this when u release ur hacked firmware! (:

    Its annoying to spend so much cash on this and have a silly problem like this when my 550D doesnt. Im used to record on milisecond accuracy on my 550d thats why. :p
  • Leave preroll and postroll so you have room for editing anyway!
  • exaxtly. get the middle goody part only.
  • Yeah on my GH1, it takes a second to get up to speed and then hitting stop results in a second or so of lost "footage."
  • Agree with CColton. If you've ever used an analogue or digital tape-based camcorder you would always include pre- and post-roll when shooting - and whatever the camera, it's useful to have those extra bits at the beginnings and ends of a shot. You never know when you might need them, and it's difficult to go back and get them afterwards!

    I guess the 1-2 seconds it takes to write to the card is a quirk of these cameras. Doesn't really worry me, but of course you have to wait for it to do that. If stopping very quickly is an issue, the only reason I can imagine is that you want to capture something else immediately. If that's the case and you are wanting to move the camera quickly to another view / shot (and change lens angle, if you are using a zoom) then just leave it recording - and you don't risk missing anything that way (or having to resync the next shot, if it's continuous music). And, obviously, edit afterwards!
  • Geez... learn how to trim... and don't let fat finger press shutter button to stop recording.
  • Haha okay guys. So im not the only one with this problem. (: ill start to get myself used to preroll n postroll (: cheers!
  • Always preroll/postroll.
  • anyone know because it has both the background noise
    GH2 microphone is normal?