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Romania: Removing social functions of goverment
  • 25 percent cut in public sector pay and five percentage point increase in VAT imposed in 2010 to maintain an IMF-led bailout

    Now it is healphcare reform.

    And, of course real goverment must sell all that makes big profits. This is, for sure, smart move.

    Romania received offers from three groups seeking to manage the sale of a 15 percent stake in natural-gas producer Romgaz SA through the Bucharest Stock Exchange, according to an Economy Ministry official.

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is a part of one group, while two rival groups include JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc., said Florin Vladan, the ministry’s official in charge of the sale, in a phone interview from Bucharest today.

    Romania is pushing ahead with plans to sell stakes in state-owned companies this year

    And as usual we see our old friends in contenders.

    Backed by the criminals in the goverments.

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  • Something's only a crime until it's made law sadly.

  • bad imf they tried to do the same here in argentina in 2001, i would recomend any country in struggle to do the opposite the imf reccomends lol :D

    crazy bankers why is economy so bad all around the world people want to work and make a living allmost all countrys have a basic set of resources so everybody could have work!

    gl romania!

  • This is an outrage, This crap, IMF, WTO, World Bank, Somehow The English Isles, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, The USA and the rest need to Occupy. 99% Bull what about the top one tenth of the 1%.... Who are these fiends. I am sorry, I have had it up to my brown eyes. Can we be so frightened, so distracted that the Corporations of the US run over us as though we were small rodents crossing the road. WTF.... One thing we have is a very impressive tool that can produce high quality footage made available to the mass...... Needs to begin

  • heres a message someone dropped me about this

    "these actions of violence and revolt are necesary. the people you have seen there are desperate. they do not have anymore money to eat or to pay rents, people are starving. retired men and women, retired soldiers who fought for this country now do not have what to eat.the government has taken almost everything, its not about recession , we have plenty of money coming from the EU.they are bloodsuckers who will not have enough. without any violence the government wont take it seriously."

    "ive been there at the center , where the revolts are taking place and I've seen them, people who do not have anywhere left to go, people who worked hard all their life now are denied their rights. The stupid motherfuckers say it's necesary, what the fuck do they know what its necesary when the measures they have taken have put people out of their homes and without food for their children? Thank God, I am not complaining for myself, for better or worse my family still has enough to eat and pay the rent. This is the beginning of the end for the current presidents reign. I pray the people will not take him down how they ended Ceausescu in 89' The revolts will only grow the following days, political parties have started to join the revolt along with the workers from factories and other groups. The cops stationed now will not be enough anymore The president could at least have the decency to resign or accept that he hasnt done anything good, if not for him, for those fucking men who are defending him, and the officers you've seen injured in the footage. He even took their money away, from the people that have declared an oath to defend him to the very end"