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RC FLYING FPV Glasses Video Viewer instead of viewfinder ?
  • Hi, i wonder if some one have tested using RC FLYING FPV Glasses Video Viewer, instead/for viewfinder ? Any experience ? I have this as an idea to use them as a monitor, but the problem will be getting a composite output from GH2 ... Any Full HD video glasses ?

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  • I have used these for FPV flying and I wouldn't recommend using as a monitor. Especially if you need to move you'll be tripping over everything. The high end ones are pricey and still not as high res as a decent monitor. I use a hdmi to composite converter for sending the video signal to the ground from my RC heli. Not great.

  • @yeehaanow thank you, you are right, the movement will be hard, there are some glasses with see-thru or side view ... Still have to wait for better improvement in this area ... What is the type of the HDMI converter you used ?


    ebay cheapo. Haven't tested it too much so I don't know if it's good.