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Black and White export
  • I've always wanted to do a Black and White export.
    I just used the B&W filter in premiere, then adjusted the grey point and dynamic range.
    Is there a way to get that silver, organic look?

    p:w Alf

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  • OK, I give up - what exactly is the password? I tried "w Alf" and "p:w Alf". I tried "wAlf". Nothing worked.

  • @markr041

    alf violin.jpg
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  • I liked Alf! Thanks.

  • I think you need to light differently for B&W. You don't have color contrast to help create separation, so tonality becomes even more demanding to get just right to create a sense of depth.

    I think your subjects need way more back/edge light or upstage lighting as it's often referred to. Actually, they need more of that even if this was in color, it's just that B&W reveals a lack of depth and tonality in a much less forgiving way. Their black outfits should not be a nearly flat block of darkness. Take a look at what is happening on top of her hair and on his bow arm sleeve. Those transitions of light and shadow need to be way more of an actual design element, much more exaggerated, and deliberate in b&W or else everything becomes extremely flat.

    Obviously, there's way more to it than this, but that's just what stood out when looking at your clip. I do remember seeing some nice write ups on how to best approach shooting for B&W, but I'd have to dig a bit to find them. If I do find them, I'll try to circle back and post here.

  • In addition to any of that, I'd bring up the exposure a bit. It looks a little bit muddy and underexposed (which contributes to the crushed blacks in the clothes that _OZ mentioned). Also, don't hesitate to spend some time with curves adjustments. Once you've brought the baseline dark tones up from complete darkness, even a simple S curve could help make some of the tones pop.

    (edit: but her face definitely needs more light on it - I'm not sure that's going to be an easily fixed problem)

  • @_OZ agreed, but it was dim overhead fluorescent or nothing :)
    @eatstoomuchjam on my color calibrated monitor it is not underexposed, but I'm not happy with effect, mainly because B&W movies aren't generally lit by dim fluorescent bulbs. I may add some contrast just to see what the effect is. However, the effect I really want is the silvery effect that you get from glass bead, silver or pearlescent screens.

  • DrDave - Maybe some reference images for the look you're trying to get would be helpful - "silvery effect" is really not sufficient as an explanation.