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Olympus E-M5 III, long ahead
  • Some wild speculation about specs

    • 20.4MP sensor
    • Improved IS
    • High Res Shooting mode
    • Improved AF
    • 4K video 30fps
    • 1080p at 120fps
    • Improved position of ports
    • Dual SD card slots
    • Built in ND filter
    • Log gamma curve for flat recording
    • Built in audio high pass filters
    • Audio monitoring without adding the grip
    • Programmable focus shift
    • Focus Peaking with colour options
    • Ability to adjust Continuous AF speed in video


    From my side I can say that some list items are definitely true, some won't happen.

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  • In my view:

    • True: 20.4MP sensor, Improved IS (half a stop), High Res Shooting mode, Improved AF (but probably only CDAF, PDAF still a E-M1 exclusivity), 4K video 30fps,1080p at 120fps, Improved position of ports, Log gamma curve for flat recording,Audio monitoring without adding the grip, Programmable focus shift, Focus Peaking with colour options

    • Don't see in future: Dual SD card slots, Built in ND filter, Built in audio high pass filters, Ability to adjust Continuous AF speed in video

  • The E-M5III will have USB charging

    Such way they do not need to supply any charger.

  • Olympus E-M5III will not be announced in September. It’s very likely we will see it in October.


    If it has good 4k + phase detect AF + IS + flippy screen it is going to be the vloggers camera to have. I'm considering selling my G85 and go with Olympus because of the phase detect AF.

  • @cas1

    Don't be so sure, as Olympus can have any strange restrictions, from time to bitrate and more.

    If you want really good AF for video - look for latest generation of Canon Dual Pixel Cameras, it is way better than any PDAF (btw PDAF can be ignored fully for video!).

  • I was looking into the OMD EM1-II, since the new firmware 3.0 - 3.1 it's has gained PDAF in video, and from the video's I've seen it looks acceptable as it's not hunting with normal light, unlike my G85. But I know of Olympus' strange restrictions and would for sure love to see Panasonic to use PDAF, but they won't. And really what I want is smooth focussing without the hunting and pulsing. I've posted at numerous comment's suggestions of how I believe can do that with they current DFD, by continuously measuring the amount of blur and estimating the subjects distance while pulling focus. I like the M34 form factor and I think it's very suited for my outdoor activities.

  • From the samples that I've saw, the AF in vídeo of the Firmware 3.0 in the E-M1 MK II looks good - a bit under Sony, Canon and Fuji, but WAY better than Panasonics, and very usable.

  • If the E-M5-3 delivers something near the above video, I think it will be a winner, and it will for sure Panasonic to up their autofocus ability.