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HitFilm Pro 8 Introduced
  • New Layout Panel & Motion Graphics tools

    Get possessive over your edits with increased control in the new Layout Panel. That means more nitpicking and less guessing with enhanced tools to align & position layers.

    Perfectly distribute and transform your layers by planting an anchor point from which your layer will be adjusted. The handy distribute controls allow you to easily pick up layers and move them around without manually positioning each layer. Neat, huh

    Masking tools

    New masking tools make it easier than ever to fine-tune and control the shape and position of your masks, including a bounding box to manipulate multiple points at once. So you can spend less time scaling, rotating and anchoring. Full speed ahead!

    Overall makes very strange impression of something rushed. Seems like it is big problems with sales.

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  • Still has no interchange formats such as AAF, XML, EDL, OMF or ALE. If I could get an edited sequence out of Hitfilm to another app, I would consider it.

  • @caveport

    They have very popular plugins. Actually, it seems, like they sell most.

  • Lots answered in this Q&A from earlier this week:

  • @IronFilm

    This guys are quite strange.