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What do to with phones that have broken screens but are good otherwise?
  • Hey guys,

    so my Sony Xperia Z3 compact has a screen that doesnt respond anymore - which is a known hardware problem

    Repairing makes no sense, the screen replacement costs as much as a working used phone.

    Selling makes no sense, used prices are down to 30-40 bucks for working copies.

    But it is still a powerful little device.

    Any projects that these devices are useful for?

    The screen is flawless, except that the touchscreen doesnt work anymore.

    I am a filmmaker. Is it possible to use the phones screen as a HDMI display?



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  • When Lukilink finally ships, it will supposedly let you use your phone as a screen, but you'd need to be able to launch their app which would be difficult without a working touchscreen.

    If you're wondering about removing the existing screen from your phone to use as a monitor, that would be very difficult. Even if the screen uses a standard interface of some sort, you'd also need to engineer a way to hook it up to a battery.

    Generally speaking, with a phone with a totally busted screen, your options are:

    • Fix it
    • Recycle it