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Marlon Hoffman video
  • I have been testing some patches. The newest ones from Driftwood i like the best this one is the best Driftwood's hack v7. Quantum v7 it is just incredible... This was shot 24P with Leica DG Summilux 25MM 1.4 Wow I love this lens

    This was shot with Leica DG Summilux 25MM 1.4 ETC Video Mode 24P at 640 ISO.

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  • Looks fantastic! You're making me really antsy waiting for the v1.1 crack.

  • That's a lovely lens! :-)

  • @inthemovie, great footage, downloading the 1.5G now... since you say you've tested some of the patches, can you please tell what do you find in this latest patch that tops the previous ones? (example or frame grab showing the difference would be best :) )


    • i just watched the downloaded file. i must admit i cannot see a real difference between this and older patches. please tell me where to look. and the thing that bugs me the most: how to deal with the banding at the background?? this totally screams 4:2:0 limit. have you thought of a way to conceal it?
  • Ok, i'm very much new to this whole video / cinematography scene but one of the first things i noticed coming out of my gh2 at 24P (only this mode really produces this for me) is this obvious chopping, stuttering that happens when someone PANS the camera (mostly horizontally). Something that i guess?? screams of 24 frames per second (since 720p 60p is perfectly smooth when panning). Is this a camera problem on my end? Is it perfectly normal and most videographers would tell me "video shouldn't be pan'ed anyway"? Is there a workaround? I'll be honest you're panning here on that video (although only slightly) but i'm not seeing no where near the same stuttering / choppiness that I see I use 14-140mm, 20mm 1.7 pancake, etc all lenses that are well proven with video on GH2 and i had used some of the good and tested hacks, can someone enlightnen me please (again, i'm New :)

  • Looking good - my PL 25 is being delivered on Tuesday, can't wait - love the image it produces.

  • nevermind my question ^^ i just read "gh2 info and tips" from VK's FAQ section :)

  • There are several differences from the other patches. First with this latest patch the GH2 footage looks like Fuji 35mm film that I have been shooting for the past seven years. It is really there now I love the look. Also the as long as your shot is properly exposed the grain from using ETC mode is gone. My video with all the close-ups was shot in that mode entirely and it looks as good as the non-ETC stuff. As Far as the banding I would see this on the older patches Especially in ETC mode but with this latest patch it is not there.

    You cannot really judge what you see Vimeo as you cannot upload the original pro res file. I upload in XD cam format as it seems to look the best but it is nothing like the original file that is outstanding.