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Do any of these small handheld camera have global shutter?
  • I don't understand why all these cameras that are supposed to be handheld like the new black magic 4k pocket camera doesn't have a global shutter!!!!

    Why dont they do it? I would gladly pay a grand or more for one of the handheld cameras do have it. I don't see the point of having a small form factor but always having to have it on a tripod or gimbal etc and I'm not a fan of the floaty in IBIS on many of them. Why the hell don't they put a global shutter on any of them?

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  • @suresure123

    This one is easy. Global shutter is more noisy and less DR. Plus more expensive and harder to make right.

  • I see. But personally I think the DR thing has been done to death and am starting to hate the flatness of too much DR. My point is I think the market would trade off a loss of a bit of DR and noise for 4k global shutter in a compact form.

    As I was replying I remembered BM did do a 4k global shutter and maybe did it on one of its mini cams if I remember but cancelled it. I would love the 4k production camera in the pocket form if possible. I can't be the only one who wouldn't accept some trade offs. Especially doc work where you really want to be handheld with a global shutter. Also the digital Bolex managed it even though it was an amateur set up but they got the DR down ok. Form factor was horrible though.

  • Digital Bolex got global shutter by using a CCD. All of the other cameras that you are talking about are using CMOS sensors. If you read up on how a CMOS sensor works (vs CCD), you will understand why it is difficult to make one with global shutter (and also what are some of the trade-offs between the two types of sensor).