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4K LS911 camera with 9x11" sensor by LargeSense
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    Medium format has thus far been the limit as far as sensor size because large sensors are difficult and expensive to produce. With the LS911, photographers now have an option for high quality large format images other than film. Available now. The USA price is US$106,000 Check for more information.

    LS911 Specifications

    • Single shot 9x11 inch monochrome CMOS sensor
    • High base sensitivity of ISO 2100
    • Live view for focusing
    • Compatible with any large format lens with a sufficient image circle
    • Easy to use HTML-based WiFi control with any HTML5 browser
    • 4k Lossless video with audio up to 26fps
    • 900GB internal storage, CF cards and external USB 3.1 drives
    • User-generated curves to apply to the linear files
    • Integrated 3 shot tri-color images when using color filters
    • Designed for mounting on large tripods or custom camera stands

    LS911 product page:

    LS911 spec and feature sheet:

    Upcoming Products

    A 4x5 inch digital back, the LS45, is expected at the end of 2018.

    The color version of the LS911 is expected in 2020.

    LargeSense was founded in 2014 by Bill Charbonnet to manufacture single shot, large format digital cameras. Inspiration was from Mitchell Feinberg's 8x10 digital back. The issue for a business in this tiny market is keeping costs low while delivering a specialty product. After 3 years of development, we are proud to be the first to offer such camera, the LS911!

    650 x 665 - 63K