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New Sony A 6700 it's here!
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    Available on April 1st only

    831 x 960 - 59K
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  • Specs are too weak, looks like 2013 camera.

    Panasonic will do much more at NAB 2018, They want to release special GH5SS as answer to Sony A7S III.

  • Wow, looks like its going to be an incredible hybrid camera. Sony is killing it with their full frame and apsc cameras. To bad they didn't fix the ergonomics with this camera though ;-(

  • Curious that they would release it 6 days BEFORE NAB. Must be trying to snag as many preorders and lock people in before Panasonic reveals the new G95 with autofocus that BEATS Canon and Nikon*!

    *Tested against Nikon D40 with AF (Non-USM) Lens, Canon Camera Without Battery

  • Small problem: you can never capture more than 12 frames of video before the battery dies on you.

  • not 8k video? its a shame. not overheat solved? another shame

    if you want to do an april fools, please do it right!

  • Lol.

    Sony is like Canon. They know how to screw it.

    This is April fools.

  • What, they couldn't improve the strap lugs? Sheesh!

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