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Ultimate Line 84.5mm and 100mm ND Filters
  • European company 84.5mm / 100mm camera filters presents new series of photographic filters called ULTIMATE LINE made of high quality organic glass CR-39.


    Ultimate line are 100mm wide Neutral density camera filters fully compatible with all other standard filter systems / holders of various brands. Filters are hand made in EU and designed mainly for outdoor use (landscape photography, architecture, nature etc.)

    84.5mm / 100mm camera filters company describes why use of graduated neutral density filters is often necessary when shooting outdoors also in digital age: “The human eye has a much greater dynamic range than photographic film or CCD/CMOS digital sensor (dynamic range means the ability to visualize a wide range from darkest to lightest shades of the light).

    Because this fact, often happens that high dynamic scene that we see by human eye lost most of its dynamic range after shooting with digital camera, for example dramatic textured clouds are on the digital photo visible only as a large white area, in photographic terminology: "over-exposed area". Upper part of the image is very light and lower part is very dark.

    This negative fact is present because digital sensor or film can not record images with a large dynamic range such as a human eye. Due to this, a photograph taken outside (outdoor) is sometimes useless when a filter is not used. And that is why almost all outdoor photographers (landscape, architecture or nature photographers) uses filters so-called gradual ND filters (Neutral density filters).

    The neutral density filter is grey colored filter which reduces amount of light passing through a filter and it neutralizes darker upper part of image without affecting its color tone (neutrality). The result is often stunning - "blow" of the sky will disappear, the sky and cloud structure becomes visible, three-dimensional lattice, while the very bottom (landscape) remain ideal exposed (not over exposed, not dark). Moreover, the effect is very natural and the use of the filter is not noticeable.”

    Material used for production of filters is Grade A highest quality CR-39 often called “organic glass” from USA. This material is often used for cockpits of military airplanes, lightweight dioptric glasses and by best producers of square camera filters. It has high resistivity and superior optical parameters like refractive index 1.501 and Abbe number 58.

    84.5mm / 100mm camera filters won various awards including Digifoto Pro and Ephoto golden medals for its neutrality and optical quality and are used by most famous photographers like James Grant, Bart Heirwig etc.

    Filters can be purchased by network of worldwide dealer or directly from

    Shipping worldwide. Prices of filters starting at 49.95 Eur (you can apply coupon code FLASHSALE25 for additional 25% time-limited discount)


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  • "We call it organic glass because thermoplastic or acrylic would actually tell people what it's made of."