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Filmmaker Bunde (Camera, ND Filter, Monitor) for 300€ used
  • A friend of mine wants to shoot stills and video for fun. Just wants to play a little. He asked for advise and I would like to recommend A camera (that shoots 1080p25 in a ok codec) A Vari ND filter (no high quality needed) A Monitor that has false color, 5"

    for 300€. I have adapters and a couple of russian/old german lenses that I would loan to him. I thought a GH2 with some feelworld monitor and vari ND would fit in this budget. Any ideas for monitor? Better camera option?

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  • Sum is very small, especially for EU.

    On his place I'll get just ND set, as any set will be better than cheap VariND. I suggest Fotga aka Nicna from cheap ones, they are clearly not very good, but more or les usable.

    Are you sure he wants to use manual glass only?

    Personally I advise against GH2 due to interlaced container and such.

    As for monitors

  • Thanks for the links! What camera would you recommend? For now he can only afford that I give him my manual lenses. That might change.

  • GH2 is the only camera I could recommend for that price. You can get it for 200€ and then you still have money for monitor & filters. But does he really need monitor? I bought one and very rarely used it.

  • First, such tight budgeting is unnecessary.

    Second, camera must be able to shoot 1080p30 and 1080p60, preferable 4K. And do all this in MP4 container.

    Third, it must have zebra, peaking and manual focus assist.

    So, if he just wants to play a little and want something very cheap, quite strangely I suggest to try Samsung NX300. Or even new Yi M1 kit from Amazon EU.

  • Maybe consider the Nikon D5200/D5300 if the budget can stretch to that, as they're very cheap online secondhand. I quite like my D5200.

    But on the ultra ultra ultra low budget I feel Panasonic GH1 or Sony NEX-5N or similar is the best bet.

  • Hey all,

    thanks for the input. I wouldnt wanna buy the GH2 now. And yeah the budget is tight. Basically it is not about getting a good quality image. But the best for 300€ so he can learn how stuff works. Will consider the Sony NEX5N! Tim