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GH2 - stable and recommended hacks, Sanity X vs Flowmotion 2.02 vs Cake 2.2
  • I have recently dug my venerable GH2 out of a closet and have been searching the brilliant personal-views for advice, recommendations on hacks, patches. I am interested in three hacks which seem to offer excellent quality with good stability and was hoping for further advice:

    • Sanity X,
    • Flowmotion 2.02,
    • Cake 2.2

    Could anyone offer advice as to the main differences between these hacks, and the advantages and disadvantages to using each of them etc? (There is advice scattered across numerous forums but it's not easy to sift through it all.)

    I am also interested in using the Pasadena audio patch and was wondering again what advantages, disadvantages there might be to using it with each of the video hacks above.

    Also, if anyone has recommendations as to reliable alternatives to the hacks above especially for documentary work....

    My thanks.

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  • Moon T7 or T8 are the best - the last that I checked. Moon use a 2x2 transform if I remember right vs 4x4 for the others. This gives 4K level fine detail - as such you can use Moon and upscale it and it will be comparable to other 4K cameras.

  • Moon T7 for the absolute best quality, GOLGOP3-13 for great quality and reliable file spanning for long recordings. I have had a few failed long recordings with Moon T7 and the GOLGOP3-13 looked almost as good.

  • Thanks. Will try. I should have added that I'm aiming to shoot in PAL/24p/24H and looking to get best balance between quality and reliability. Any other advice/ suggestions gratefully received.

  • Moon t7 with flowmotion as backup

  • Cake never failed me. I prefer reliability over quality.