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What actually sets Eneloop apart?
  • May be just capacity? Nope.

    or maximum output current? Nope.

    Eneloop different in how consistent its quality is.
    On how it can hold charge for long time.
    And how much times he can take charge without significant capacity drop.

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  • I use a lot of batteries, and a few years a go I bought a bunch of different brands to test them out. They were mostly garbage except for the Eneloops, so I just bought those. I think early on, they focused on quality and consistency. I never ran the test again, so I really have no idea if there are better ones out there, plus I bought so many of them and they are still working.
    I guess I will try some IKEA ones, why not?

  • @DrDave

    Can send us few different new ones and we can make tests, we have proper equipment in US also.

  • I have a bunch of Amazon Basics rechargeables (and a number of Eneloops that I bought before) - for the price, even if the Amazon batteries only last about 1/3 as long as Eneloops, I'll be doing OK.

  • A little off-topic: what about Ni-Zn batteries? I've been testing them lately, and I'm quite satified.

  • I made some durational sound recordings with black Eneloop pros in my Olympus LS-10. The recorder ran for over 12 hours in -8C and still had at least 20% capacity left. Not too bad. If I could get the same batteries for 1/5th the cost that would be great.

  • @davjd ni-zn have slightly higher voltage than alkaline, naturally discharge faster, have a significantly lower number of charging cycles, and for whatever reason don't use mAH as a rating. They're good for devices that need alkaline voltage and have protected circuits for the slightly higher voltage

  • Went into London Ikea after seeing this, almost none left of AA 2450mah. Bought 8. Had to charge them up as they were at about 50%. Using them in mouse and keyboard, still 100% after one week. There was another guy looking for same batteries, he’d also seen the videos.

  • There was another guy looking for same batteries, he’d also seen the videos.

    I wonder how long until a price spike on IKEA AA batteries! :-o :-/ :-(